Quality Management Statement

Kemp Technologies has achieved ISO 9001 certification, the world's most widely recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). This achievement, which covers everything from the design of Kemp products and services to production, technical support and customer service, reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality, customer experience and a truly world class service.

As well as helping to meet the expectations and needs of customers, ISO 9001 provides a framework for continually improving applications, processes and systems; ensures products meet or exceed the expectations of customers; enhances customer support and service by monitoring performance; raises awareness of QMS responsibilities among suppliers and other stakeholders; and meets customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

One of the key tenets of the ISO quality system is to obtain and act upon customer feedback. What better way to know where to focus on for continual improvement? We ask the customer to rate every individual support case. All customers are also asked to provide feedback on their experience in purchasing and using Kemp products. Our Support and Quality teams closely monitor all customer surveys and act immediately when any action is required. This system ensures our continual improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

Kemp Quality Policy

At Kemp we’re obsessive about helping our customers grow by developing and supporting application delivery technology that meets their requirements and exceeds expectations. We want to ensure our internal and external customer experiences are truly world class, and our products and support are of the highest quality. EVERYONE at Kemp is committed to QUALITY.

To achieve these goals, we have established a Quality Policy that will drive continual improvement of the Kemp Quality Management System (QMS). The policy outlines what our customers expect, and what we’re going to do to ensure they are not disappointed.

Kemp Quality Policy Summary (what we’re doing):

  • Establishing the QMS - our system covers all our operations and significant locations worldwide. It’s designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 management system standard, and has been independently audited by the BSI.
  • Robust product development – from requirements to delivery, our development and delivery processes ensure our customers get the reliable product they want.
  • Enhancing customer support – through monitoring we ensure that we meet and exceed industry average for support and customer satisfaction.
  • Quality awareness – understanding our own QMS responsibilities ensures we work to a consistent standard, we can measure what we do and improve our process and individual performance.
  • Meeting requirements - obvious and not very glamourous, but failing to meet legal and other requirements could impact on the experience of the customer. We track the requirements to ensure compliance.

We want to know your feedback. It’s important to us and forms part of our review process to determine whether our QMS is effective. So please contact us with your feedback.

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