Load Balancer Features

Award-winning L4-7 virtual ADC

High performance virtual load balancer and reverse proxy. Includes core functions like server and application health monitoring, SSL acceleration with FIPS 140-2 support, caching/compression, TCP multiplexing, an automation-enabled API and more.

Fully-featured Web Application Firewall

Enables secure deployment of web applications, preventing Layer 7 attacks while maintaining core load balancing services. Kemp's WAF directly augments the LoadMaster's existing security features to create a layered defense for web applications - enabling a safe, compliant and productive use of published services.

Global DNS & Traffic Management Services

Move past the single data center, allowing for multi data center high availability. Even when a primary site is down, traffic is diverted to the disaster recovery site. Clients can connect to their fastest performing or geographically closest data center.

SSO & Secure Application Access

Kemp's Edge Security Pack (ESP) simplifies secure application publishing with client pre-authentication and single sign-on (SSO). Active Directory Integration, SAML, security group-based traffic routing, RADIUS authentication, Customizable FBA forms and Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support a complete Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy.

World's most popular virtual load balancer
100,000+ Deployments

Always-On Experience for Remote Workers

Kemp Load balancing has never been more important to ensure your critical business functions can continue with an optimal & secure application experience [AX].

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Keepmoat select Kemp for Always-on VPN load balancing

Enabling staff to easily and securely access key business systems and applications through their devices, no matter where they are located, was a key pillar of focus.

Read how Kemp helped arm Keepmoat's remote workforce

Kemp 360 AX Fabric

Powering Always-On Application Experience...

Extensive Application Experience Partner and Platform Ecosystem

Kemp ensures application resilience and total flexibility wherever your apps are deployed providing cloud-native, virtual and hardware-based load balancers.

The World’s largest organizations trust Kemp
for an always-on application experience

Asos ADC Case Study

Billion dollar online fashion giant required an elastic load balancing solution to deploy in Azure, with a licensing model that could scale up and down on-demand.

Audi ADC Case Study

German luxury auto manufacturer with nine production facilities globally needed to ensure collaboration apps were not interrupted.

Hosting ADC Case Study

Hosting ADC Case Study

Leading cloud services provider with six strategically located data centers standardizes on Kemp to deliver managed application load balancing and security.