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A Load Balancer Solution for Your Applications, Servers and APIs

Enhance Availability, Performance, Scalability and Security with LoadMaster Load Balancing Software

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Handle Server Failure

Use LoadMaster load balancing software to maintain access to your applications and APIs in the event of a server failure. LoadMaster automatically detects outages and redirects user requests to healthy servers.

Protect Against Common Exploits Used by Hackers

With LoadMaster WAF (Web Application Firewall), you have protection against common web and API exploits (known as OWASP Top 10) and the power to completely block access at an IP or even country level.

Simplify Delivery in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Avoid the complexity of multiple, fragmented load balancing software solutions, enabling DevOps, NetOps and security teams to work together on a single, integrated load balancing application and delivery platform.

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Core Features of LoadMaster's Load Balancing Application

Load Balancing - Security

  • Web Application Firewall (OWASP)
  • Pre-Authentication (SAML, RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD)
  • Single Sign-On & MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Custom Login Forms & CAPTCHA
  • Zero Trust Access Control
  • ACME Certificate Renewal
  • IP Reputation (permit/deny)
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Common Criteria Certified

Load Balancing - Availability

  • Layer 7 and Layer 4 load balancing
  • Deploy in HA pairs
  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
  • IPV6/IPV4 bi-directional gateway
  • VLAN trunking & bonding
  • Application health checking
  • Multiple session persistence options

Load Balancing - Performance

  • SSL/TLS Offload
  • Content caching
  • Compression
  • HTTP/2 to HTTP proxy
  • Clustering
  • Direct Server Return support
  • Application Templates for optimized performance
  • Templates for Dell EMC, Exchange, ADFS and more

Deploy as a Virtual Machine, as Hardware or in the Cloud

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  • Full access to our support team
  • Virtual appliance (VMware, Hyper-V) or Cloud

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Kemp Rated 4.8/5

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