Compare Virtual Load Balancer Vendors: Kemp LoadMaster vs F5 Big-IP and Citrix Netscaler

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Kemp's mission has always been to help customers get the best ROI from their investment in our load balancers.

The following information* is intended to compare the price/performance value of Kemp Virtual Load Balancers compared to F5 Networks BIG-IP VE 200M through VE10G and Citrix Systems Netscaler VPX-10 through VPX 3000 Load Balancers.

Compare Virtual Load Balancer Pricing

Compare Kemp to:  

VendorKempF5 NetworksCitrix
USD (MSRP)$3,000$5,600$14,000$21,100$37,500$44,454$77,214$9,760$18,300$36,600$43,920
Kemp specified with Enterprise Plus Support Subscription, F5 specified at 'Best' with Premium support, Citrix specified as Platinum – Pricing as of public sources August 2018


Compare Kemp to:  

VendorKempF5 NetworksCitrix
Max Throughput (Gbps)0.53Uncapped0.213100.010.213
SSL TPS (2K Keys)5004,000UncappedN/AN/AN/A3,400500500500500
Concurrent Conn (at 1GB)3M>3MUncappedN/AN/AN/A10M1.2M1.2M1.2M1.2M

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Key Features

Compare Kemp to:  

VendorKempF5 NetworksCitrix
Full L4/L7 Load BalancerCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
HTTP CompressionCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
TMG Replacement [Pre-auth, SSO, Logging (ESP)]CheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
GSLB Multi-Site Load BalancingCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
IPv6 SupportCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
WAF EngineCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked

Hypervisors Supported

Compare Kemp to:  

VendorKempF5 NetworksCitrix
Oracle Virtual BoxCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked

Cloud Platforms Supported

Compare Kemp to:  

VendorKempF5 NetworksCitrix
Licensing OptionsBYOLPAYGMeteredBYOLPAYGMetered>BYOL>PAYG>Metered
Amazon Web ServicesCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked

Web Application Firewall Features

Compare Kemp to:  

VendorKempF5 NetworksCitrix
ModelApplication Firewall PackASMAppFirewall
OWASP Top 10CheckedCheckedChecked
Cookie TamperingCheckedCheckedChecked
Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF)CheckedCheckedChecked
Cross Site ScriptingCheckedCheckedChecked
Data Loss PreventionCheckedCheckedChecked
SQL InjectionCheckedCheckedChecked
Support PCI-DSS requirement - Section 1.2CheckedCheckedChecked
Support PCI-DSS requirement - Section 3.3CheckedCheckedChecked
Support PCI-DSS requirement - Section 3.5CheckedCheckedChecked
Support PCI-DSS requirement - Section 4.1CheckedCheckedChecked
Support PCI-DSS requirement - Section 6.6CheckedCheckedChecked

Higher Throughput at a Fraction of the Cost

Below are charts comparing the throughput performance of Kemp Load Balancers to F5 BIG-IP and Citrix NetScaler VPX at three different levels: high, mid and entry level.


High Performance Virtual Load Balancer

Comparing the throughput of High Performance Virtual Load Balancers (5Gb+), the Kemp VLM-MAX can provide the same throughput as the F5's BIG-IP LTM VE-10G at 1/5 of the cost.


Mid Level Performance Virtual Load Balancer

The Kemp VLM-3000 provides the same throughput as the F5 BIG-IP LTM VE-3G and Citrix NetScaler VPX-3000 at 1/6 of the cost.


Entry Level Performance Virtual Load Balancer

Kemp's VLM-500 entry level Load Balancer provides 150% more throughput performance than the F5 BIG-IP LTM VE-200 and Citrix System's NetScaler VPX 200 at less than 1/6 of the cost


More SSL TPS per Dollar

The Kemp VLM-3000 supports more SSL TPS than the F5 BIG-IP LTM VE-10G and the Citrix NetScaler VPX-3000 at a fraction of the cost.

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* The pricing of the products under comparison has been sourced from public data. The performance data for comparison is has been sourced from the company published Specifications as available to the general public.

Listed prices are USD-based MSRP and subject to change without prior notice. Prices vary by country and exclude local taxes, duties and transportation charges. Please contact your local Kemp office or authorized distributor for further pricing information specific to your country. All LoadMasters must be licensed prior to use in the country where they were purchased and are subject to local licensing and trade regulations.

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