Top Reasons Why You Should Renew Your Support Subscription Today

  1. It Is Critical to Maintain Your Application Security

    Global cyberattacks increased 38% in 2022, according to Security Magazine. You deserve the security peace of mind that comes with ongoing support. By staying current on LoadMaster support, you can ensure your Application Delivery solution is as secure as your network.

    We are continually enhancing and improving the LoadMaster Security Posture. In the most recent releases, we have made important updates that include WAF Engine Updates in line with Modsecurity recommendations (e.g., closing CVE-2021-42717), refinement of the FIPS Cipher Set to ensure only the most secure Ciphers are utilized, closing CLI Privilege Escalation exploit, and Enhancements to the Certificate Chain of Trust for UI Authentication.

    We also resolved several minor vulnerabilities (CVEs). All customers under current service agreements can download the latest releases. You can view the latest security-related discussions in the Security Updates section of the Support Portal.

  2. Upgrading to the Latest Release Delivers Loads of New Features

    Renewing your Service Agreement allows you to take advantage of all the latest functionality (as well as bug fixes) provided in LoadMaster updates. In the last few releases, new features have included:

    • Server Response Code Modification (e.g., enhancing support for the delivery and protection of API Endpoint)
    • WAF Logging: Splunk HEC Integration
    • ACME-client-based support for automated certificate management has been enhanced to support using both LetsEncrypt and DigiCert as an ACME Certificate Authority (CA)
    • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) updates: BIND update, EDNS Client Subnet, Info/Troubleshooting page
    • Application Templates for load balancing Chef and DataDirect deployments
    • API Updates for improved WhatsUp Gold Integration
    • Enhanced UI for Virtual Service Sorting and Filtering

    See this support site article for a list of features delivered in LoadMaster releases.

  3. Because the Service Is So Much More Than Just Support Tickets

    Yes, it’s important to have a team of support engineers there for you when you’re faced with a technical issue you can’t resolve. But tech support is not just there for you when things go wrong. With a current standard service agreement, you receive:

    • Unlimited support during business hours, which includes application delivery expertise whenever you need it
    • Product updates and priority access to bug fixes
    • The ability to post and interact with other users in the forums
    • Invitations for early access in product beta programs
    • Optional, extended (Enterprise or Enterprise Plus) support 24 x 7 x 365

    g2_logo_red“Their support team is top-notch. The very few configuration issues we've run into, they've been able to take care of the same day. They are outstanding and knowledgeable.”

    G2 Review
  4. So You Do Not Lose Functionality

    Your Enterprise and Enterprise Plus Support Subscriptions include functionality such as Edge Security Pack (ESP), Single Sign-On (SSO) and Web Application Firewall (WAF). Without a valid Support Subscription, you lose the power and benefits of these features as well as live feeds (IP Blacklists and Reputational Information) of security insights to ensure that your applications are protected.

    Keeping a current subscription means continued use of these critical LoadMaster features.

Renew your service agreement today!

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