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Book Review

"In Ben's Application Experience, Ben offers an opinionated version of DevOps and Digital Transformation. I appreciate that he labels it Application Experience to take away that confusion in terminology. You'll find a distillation of key principles, specific steps to take to get started. This book is not "the only book you will ever need," but it is a book to start your organization on the journey."

Steven Murawski @StevenMurawski
Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

"What makes this book a valuable resource, is that it starts with the “Why”, progresses to the “What”, but unlike many other books geared towards IT leaders, does not shy away from the inconvenient practicalities of “How”. Connecting those dots is vital!""

Simon Roach
Roach & Stolz Software

About the Author

Ben currently works as a Technical Advisor at Kemp, a provider of Application Delivery Software and Services. Ben is responsible for Kemp's Strategic Technology and Research (STR) Group which generates the product and technology research. Additionally, he works closely with the VP of Engineering, Derek Kiely to improve practices and processes within the R&D organisation. Previously Ben has been responsible for creating and scaling Customer Support, Sales Engineering and Professional Services organisations in Asia Pacific for high growth Security and Network companies. In his current role leading STR, it's crucial to have a strong understanding of the prevailing trends in the Enterprise IT Market, both from the standpoint of Technology and Enterprise IT Organisational, as well as develop the ability to communicate insights to the Product Strategy and R&D Groups in order to help set internal policy and technology strategy for Products and Services. STR has a wide-ranging scope that includes the Cloud, Configuration Management, Analytics and Microservices, as well as Organisational trends such as DevOps, GitOps, Lean and Agile Development and Digital Transformation.

@Benjamin Hodge

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