LoadMaster Usage Models

Flexible licensing for all deployment scenarios

LoadMaster may be licensed in a variety of ways to meet the differing usage models that an organization may have for application delivery.

Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual licenses permanently enable a LoadMaster for usage at the specified performance levels. This model of licensing is available on physical appliances, virtual appliances, bare metal and cloud. This licensing approach is suited to organizations that have defined usage requirements for the planned lifetime of the product and wish to pay up-front and amortize the cost over the usage lifetime.

Subscription Licensing

Kemp Subscription licenses for LoadMaster enable a LoadMaster to be licensed for a specific period and optionally renewed at the end of that period. This model of licensing is cost-effective for short-term or fixed-period projects or to optimize cash flow through an OpEx approach. This model is available on a limited range of virtual LoadMaster models for both Cloud and hypervisor.

Pay as you go (PAYG) Licensing

Pay as you go licenses allow LoadMaster instances to be licensed based on hourly usage with no commitment on consumption. This model is useful for organizations that have seasonal or ‘bursty’ application delivery demands that only require additional resources for a limited period of time. PAYG licensing is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) clouds for a range of performance levels and features. Billing is based on a single hourly charge directly from the cloud service provider and includes 24x7 support.

Hourly PAYG LoadMaster Options

Pooled Licensing

With pooled licensing, organizations can deploy capacity across the application delivery estate on-demand, greatly reducing administrative overhead of license procurement. The capacity of the pool can be issued in any mix of license size ranging from 50Mbit to 10Gbit and recovered to the license pool when no longer in use. Pooled licensing offers flexibility and efficiency that simplifies licensing in fixed budget scenarios. A single pooled license can issue capacity across Virtual Loadmasters running in any supported cloud or hypervisor.

Kemp Pooled Licensing

Service Provider Licensing (SPLA)

The Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) enables service providers to offer LoadMaster services to their customers for a fixed monthly charge per instance. This allows the creation of value added services without upfront costs or an ongoing commitment. SPLA is limited to bare metal platforms and virtual appliances running on the service provider infrastructure/supported public cloud platforms (Azure & AWS).

Kemp Service Provider Program

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