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LoadMaster Support Subscriptions

Simple and Transparent Licensing

All Kemp Load Balancers offer a core set of features that are enhanced with Support Subscriptions which deliver additional features and services packaged to deliver maximum value.

Easy to create Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Solution

Select Platform Model Subscription Ddiagram VLM-MAX Model Platform Enterprise Plus Enterprise Standard Subscription
Select Platform Model Subscription Ddiagram Enterprise Plus Enterprise Standard Subscription VLM-MAX Model Platform

Simply select a delivery platform, the appropriate LoadMaster model and the Subscription.

Compare Subscription Tiers

 StandardEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
Layer 4/Layer 7 Load Balancing
High Availability (HA) / ClusteringCheckedCheckedChecked
Content SwitchingCheckedCheckedChecked
Caching & CompressionCheckedCheckedChecked
Advanced server health checkingCheckedCheckedChecked
Flexible scheduling methodsCheckedCheckedChecked
TLS/SSL OffloadCheckedCheckedChecked
Network TelemetryCheckedCheckedChecked
IP address filteringCheckedCheckedChecked
IPv6 SupportCheckedCheckedChecked
Support Services *
Coverage10 x 524 x 724 x 7
Firmware UpdatesCheckedCheckedChecked
Firmware PatchesCheckedCheckedChecked
Hardware return & replaceChecked  
In advance hardware replacement CheckedChecked
Edge Security Pack
Pre-authentication CheckedChecked
Single Sign-On CheckedChecked
Custom Login Forms CheckedChecked
LDAP, SAML, Active Directory & RADIUS CheckedChecked
Two Factor Authentication CheckedChecked
Intrusion Prevention
Snort Compatible Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) CheckedChecked
Application Monitoring & Preemptive Alerting CheckedChecked
Management and Orchestration CheckedChecked
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Updated reputation data daily  Checked
PCI-DSS 6.6  Checked
OWASP top 10  Checked
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
Advanced scheduling  Checked
Geographic  Checked
Updated reputation data daily  Checked
Access Control by IP  Checked
High availability  Checked
Floating License  Checked

* - See Terms of Service for more details.

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