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Full-Featured Cloud Load Balancers

Optimally sized and priced for your public and multi-cloud environments

Kemp LoadMaster enhances application security, control and visibility

Extend the features and capabilities of a data center-class application delivery controller (ADC) to the cloud. LoadMaster is a cloud-native load balancer, built, designed and optimized for the cloud.

Balancer Throughput License †Up to 500 MbpsUp to 3 GbpsUncapped *
SSL TPS License †Up to 500Up to 4,000Uncapped *
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Features available with PAYG LoadMaster

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  • Web Application Firewall and IPS – with Daily Threat Updates
  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
  • Central Management, Provisioning & Performance Insights
  • Monitoring, Reporting and AI-enabled proactive Remediation
  • Authorization, Authentication & Single Sign On
  • Full Rest API, Automation Enabled
  • Kemp Support Assisted
  • 24x7 Premium Live Support and Expert Diagnostics

* Performance dependent on allocated system resources
† * Additional Information on Pricing, Features and Subscriptions


Deploy in AWS

Kemp Virtual LoadMasters are available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS GovCloud.

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Deploy in Azure

Kemp Virtual LoadMasters are available in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Government.

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Deploy in Open Telekom Cloud

Kemp Virtual LoadMasters are available in Open Telekom Cloud.

How to deploy in Open Telekom Cloud

Deploy in Orange Flexible Engine

Kemp Virtual LoadMasters are available on the Orange Business Services Flexible Engine cloud.

How to deploy in Flexible Engine

Next Steps

Every LoadMaster includes the core set of features that address the demands of Application Delivery and ensure service resilience with capabilities such as high availability and simplified administration with easy to use application templates

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Get more details on the technical performance, features and capabilities of Kemp's load balancer products.

Advanced Layer 4-7 Load Balancing

Optimized application templates, intelligent content switching logic and a range of application-aware traffic steering methods ensure that client requests are always sent to the best possible target and consistent application experience is maintained

  • Intelligent content matching & modification policies
  • Application-aware health checking and scheduling
  • Advanced multi-tier virtual service traffic routing
  • SSL termination and multi-certificate Server Name Indication (SNI) support
  • Compression and caching optimization
Learn More About Advanced Layer 4-7 Load Balancing
Advanced Layer 4-7 Load Balancing

Global Multi-Site Load Balancing

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) enables multi-data center and multi-cloud resilience by leveraging service resource awareness and DNS to steer traffic across geographically distributed pools based on defined business logic

  • Location, proximity and availability-based policies
  • Protection of counterfeit DNS data with DNSSEC support
  • GSLB clustering for redundancy
  • Configurable IP range tagging for advanced traffic steering logic
  • Integration with application-level load balancers for higher fidelity routing decisions
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Multi Global Server Load Balancing

"From user experience improvements to application delivery, quality of services and cost savings, the Kemp solutions have delivered outstanding results. Kemp has made us phenomenally happy."

Tom Hearn - Senior Technology Manager, Sageworks

Defense-in-Depth Security

With the load balancer most commonly being network device deployed closest to the application, it’s optimized for co-locating key security services, introducing zero trust architecture models and providing a last line of defense.

  • Zero Trust Access Gateway (ZTAG)
  • Multi-factor authentication and SSO delivered with Edge Security Pack (ESP)
  • Application-specific and general WAF rules to prevent a range of application level exploits
  • LDAP security group based service access and traffic routing
  • RADIUS, X.509, Active Directory, RSA & Kerberos-based pre-authentication
  • FIPS 140-2 support on all LoadMaster products
Learn More About Defense-in-Depth Security
Defense-in-Depth Security

Comprehensive Centralized Management

To maintain optimal application experience and availability, tools that provide administrators with total single pane of glass control are critical. The Kemp 360 suite complements LoadMaster load balancers by enabling proactive monitoring, analytics, reporting and configuration management

  • Monitoring and alerting on developing issues and mis-configurations
  • Multi-vendor ADC management for NGINX, F5 Networks, HAProxy & AWS
  • Load balancer capacity and utilization reporting
  • Automation of operational tasks such as backups, upgrades and scheduled reboots
  • Support for fully automated virtual cloud platform deployment based on desired state configuration
Learn More About Comprehensive Centralized Management
Comprehensive Centralized Management

Why LoadMaster

Cost Efficient

LoadMaster offers outstanding value with models and purchasing options that align with your capacity requirements and budget

Easy to Manage

Our intuitive UI, centralized management and application templates reduce operating costs and you have the world-class Kemp global support team available to assist with any issues.

Expand and Scale

LoadMaster can go wherever you need - Cloud, Virtual or Hardware - with consistent and centralized multi-cloud administration and delivering hyper-scale performance through clustering.

Support Subscription Enhancements

Kemp Load Balancers include a standard set of rich features and support that can be further enhanced with advanced Support Subscriptions. These enable additional support services along with extended management capabilities and cyber security functionality.

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Support Subscription

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