Advanced Load Balancing
for Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud is a product of T-Systems, designed under the strict and proven security and data protection standards of Deutsche Telekom and operated in Europe's most modern high-security data center. T-Systems is exclusively responsible for the operation, service, further development and customer support of the Open Telekom Cloud.

Enhanced Load Balancing on Open Telekom Cloud with Kemp LoadMaster

Kemp LoadMaster is an approved solution on Open Telekom Cloud, offering advanced load balancing capabilities that address subscriber’s security, performance and traffic management requirements. It is easily managed via web or API and includes application templates that simplify demployment and ensure that load balancing is optimized for the workload.

Feature Highlights

Web App and API Protection

Use Kemp’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) to provide ongoing protection against exploits without modifying applications.

Pre-Authentication and Single Sign-on

Control access at the perimeter by authenticating and authorizing users before authorizing application access.

SSL & Certificate Management

Offload SSL processing and manage multiple digital certificates and security policies in one place.

Content Rewrite and Rules

Dynamically rewrite web page URLs and content and control traffic based on request content.

Application Templates

Simplify application setup by using pre-defined templates that are optimized for performance and security.

Improve Application uptime

Avoid outages with advanced health checking and by balancing traffic across multiple availability zones.

Getting Started

Deployment Guide

The deployment guide will assist you with configuring LoadMaster Load Balancing on Open Telekom Cloud.

OTC Deployment Guide

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