Pooled Licensing

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Share application delivery bandwidth across datacenter and cloud load balancers with Pooled Licensing to enable rapid provisioning of application delivery capacity. Bandwidth may be issued from the license pool to boost existing capacity or to deliver new capacity and recovered when not being used.

Right Size at the Right Time

Pooled licenses can be issued to load balancers in capacities from 50Mbit to 10Gbit with flexibility to re-license to a lower or higher capacity as often as required as demands change.


Issue Load balancer licenses from 50Mbit to 10Gbit

Subscriptions to Scale Your Business

License pool subscriptions are available in a range of sizes to meet your business requirements.
Pool subscriptions may be upgraded in-situ allowing painless scaling of capacity.

Pooled Subscription Tiers

50 Gb
100 Gb
200 Gb
300 Gb
400 Gb
500 Gb

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