Third-Party Code Compliance Policy

Today, third-party code and products, including Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS), have become indispensable to companies that develop software and hardware. In order to be a good member of the open-source community, Kemp have implemented several policies that ensure compliance to the licensing terms of any FOSS products utilized by Kemp. The Kemp Technology Compliance Board has oversight on these policies.

All Kemp R&D personnel are educated and trained in our Third-Party Code Usage policies. This ensures that any FOSS products introduced into Kemp are fully assessed and that Kemp are compliant with the licensing terms of such products.

To ensure that these policies are enforced, we conduct regular internal audits of our products and processes. We also utilize external companies to audit our compliance with FOSS licensing terms and conditions.

For certain FOSS products, where we modify the code, the licensing terms include provisions to share the changes. To obtain a list of the modified FOSS products utilized by Kemp, and the code changes implemented, please email and we will supply the relevant materials.

Kemp endeavours always to ensure that all FOSS products are used correctly and that we are compliant with all licensing terms and conditions. Our implemented policies provide guidance and processes to ensure that we are making the best effort possible to maintain this compliance. If you have any queries regarding Kemp and it’s use of third-party products, please contact us at

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