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IoT Platform

An IoT platform comprises infrastructure and software stacks that are designed to abstract and simplify the collection of IoT device endpoint data, and to make it easier for application developers to create applications that use IoT devices. Many organizations have developed IoT Platforms including the familiar names in the Enterprise IT and Cloud space such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, Oracle, VMware, Cisco, Fujitsu, and others. There are also hundreds of new and startup businesses who focus on IoT and platforms for controlling it, with some notable ones being Thingworx, Ayla Networks, and also platforms from established device, appliance, and industrial machinery makers such as Samsung, Apple, Bosch, Siemens, General Electric, and more. The IoT Platform space is very dynamic at present. All IoT platforms aim to deliver a layered stack of software services that allow IoT applications and services to:
  • Perform analytics on the data collected
  • Do orchestration to configure and manage the suite of IoT devices out in the world
  • Manage IoT Gateways and IoT Endpoints such as agents that control IoT devices
  • Perform IoT Device management
  • Provide APIs to allow rapid and secure application development
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