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IoT Gateway

An IoT Gateway is a bridge between IoT Devices and the Cloud or data center based IoT Platform or applications that consume the IoT Device data. The IoT Gateway provides critical functions within an IoT solution. It provides the link from the IoT Devices to where the data is needed. It also provides processing power to allow the data capture to be changed based on the input, as such it pushes out the intelligence of expert systems into the field near the sensors and devices. IoT Gateways allow for IoT Devices to be less functional and therefore cheaper. Functionality that might need to be built into every Device can be consolidated and shared in the IoT Gateway that controls a group of devices. KEMP LoadMaster can assist with the operation of IoT Gateways such as providing security via IPSec tunnels. See our LoadMaster - Powering the Internet of Things white paper that is available from here for more information.
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