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Kemp and Cisco partner – LoadMaster for Bare Metal is Cisco UCS B & C certified

Kemp's ADC operating system is Cisco IVT certified and is fully optimized to run on any Cisco UCS server. Cisco's SMARTnet Service extends technical support to Kemp's bare metal LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS), further strengthening the integration between Cisco UCS servers and Kemp's LMOS.

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Cisco ACE Turnkey Migration Program

Seamlessly make the transition to a new load balancer with Kemp's free migration tool, free evaluation hardware, and a trade-in discount for decommissioned ACE servers. For customers who have already invested in Cisco hardware, the LoadMaster Bare Metal product is certified to run natively on Cisco USC B & C series servers, resulting in no additional hardware costs incurred for deploying LoadMaster.

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