The Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric portfolio provides the components to enable enterprises to efficiently and quickly deploy their on-premise application workloads to the cloud and to orchestrate and manage the delivery of these workloads to maintain the end user experience and service levels.

Migrating hundreds of workloads to the cloud exposes a range of application delivery challenges and this is where Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric makes a difference with the commercial and technical approach that addresses these challenges.

The Cloud Technology Challenge

On-premise application delivery technology has evolved to use highly optimized hardware platforms that consolidate multiple workloads onto large purpose built appliances. However, in the cloud this single ‘big box’ delivery model breaks down as cloud architectures impose a multi-instance application delivery model. Application delivery in the cloud requires a solution that is optimized for performance and scale as well as being easily managed and cost-effective.

Maintaining the End User Experience

Any benefits derived from moving to the cloud are lost if the user experience does not at least match what is delivered on-premise. This not only involves providing the raw application delivery performance but also ensuring that operations staff have visibility on capacity consumption and requirements and the skills and toolsets to rapidly diagnose and resolve application issues.

Economic Application Delivery

As the on-premise value proposition of a big-box ADC breaks down in the cloud, the cost of licensing multiple instances can quickly become prohibitive. Enterprise-class application delivery in the cloud requires a commercial pricing model that matches the business requirements of predictable costs and flexibility to deploy on-demand.

Delivering applications with Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric

  • Visibility

    Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric provides total visibility on application delivery including proactive engagement.

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  • Cloud Native

    Designed and delivered in the cloud for maximum performance and cost visibility.

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  • Control

    License, orchestrate and manage multiple ADC instances from a single point across multiple clouds.

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  • Expertise & Insight

    Leverage Kemp expertise and institutional knowledge for insight and proactive engagement

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  • Metered Capacity

    Metered licensing offers capacity on demand and real-time visibility on usage.

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  • Availability

    Resilient application delivery in Cloud environments with proactive support

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