LoadMaster for Bare Metal - Oracle x86

LoadMaster for Bare Metal for Oracle x86 – Kemp’s bare metal LoadMaster™ Operating System (LMOS) for Oracle x86 servers is part of the Kemp Technologies award winning LoadMaster family of application delivery controllers.


Bare metal installation of LMOS provides comprehensive application load balancing, high availability, security, workflow visibility and traffic acceleration without performance impacts from virtual abstraction. This version of LoadMaster is optimized to natively operate on the versatile, enterprise-class Oracle x86 rack mount servers leveraging their optimal balance of compute, memory and I/O.


LoadMaster for Oracle x86 servers includes the same core advanced software features offered by the entire LoadMaster product line, including high-speed L4-7 load balancing, advanced content switching, edge security services, SSL acceleration, data caching/compression and global data center traffic distribution to optimize public, private and hybrid cloud application infrastructures.

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