Kemp Analytics Disclosure and Usage

Help Kemp improve products and services by automatically sending anonymous diagnostic and usage data. None of the collected data identifies you personally.

Data may include:


We sample network and appliance performance and use the aggregated data to provide indicators and guidance on how specific models and platforms are behaving.

Feature Usage

We gather statistics on feature usage to enable us to focus and prioritize enhancements on the features and capabilities that are most important to our customers.

What we do with Kemp Analytics metrics

  • We use aggregated data from multiple customers to help us improve the product experience
  • We use data collected to inform our product strategy and feature implementation

What we don’t do with Kemp Analytics

  • We will never provide any data gathered ,including aggregated or derived, to 3rd parties for their use
  • We never gather traffic data passing through our products

For more information consult the following resources:

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