LoadMaster Call Home

LoadMaster instances provide information to Kemp to assist with customer support and product lifecycle management. Provision of Call Home data is mandatory for Free LoadMaster and optional for other LoadMasters. The following snapshot information is provided to Kemp once every 24 hours.

  • UUID – Unique identifier for the LoadMaster instance
  • Serial Number – Serial number of the LoadMaster
  • Type – Virtual/Hardware flag
  • First Seen – Date/time of first call home
  • Last Seen – Date/time of last call home
  • Lowest Version – Earliest version of LMOS used on this instance
  • LMOS Version – Version of LMOS currently running on the LoadMaster
  • Model – The LoadMaster model
  • SKU – The base License applied to the LoadMaster
  • Number of reboots
  • Date of first WAF call
  • Date of last WAF call
  • Number of WAF calls
  • Number of VS with WAF active
  • WAF rule configuration
  • SDN active flag
  • SSL Throughput
  • Peak memory usage
  • Peak CPU usage
  • Peak SSL TPS
  • Current throughput
  • Number of Real Servers Configured
  • Number of Virtual Services Configured

Issue date: July 2017