Controlling the Cloud


Simplified Maintenance

As migration to the cloud fragments monolithic ADC instances in to multiple smaller ADCs, the requirement to monitor, manage and orchestrate multiple instances as if they are one becomes significant. Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric includes centralized management of not only Kemp load balancers but also 3rd party ADCs with a single point of control for routine tasks such as configuration, template and firmware maintenance.

Event Aggregation

Performance and availability issues are often caused by a combination of events that need to be considered together to determine the root cause and the proper course of remediation. With aggregation of events from multiple sources including the underlying cloud platform infrastructure, issues can be rapidly triaged and correctly actioned so that user impact is minimized.


Automated issue detection

Kemp offer a unique service where the application delivery infrastructure is integrated with the Kemp customer support team allowing early detection and notification of issues. With early detection, the Kemp team apply their expertise and institutional knowledge for diagnosis and reach out to the customer with suggested actions to mitigate and remediate the issue. Automated detection and escalation of issues delivers higher uptimes and an overall better user experience.

Public Cloud Application Migration Whitepaper

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Virtual Service Mobility

With dynamic business demands, application delivery resources must be able to easily adjust to meet these changing demands. With Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric an application Virtual Service and associated policies and configuration can be migrated between any ADC under management quickly and easily while ensuring consistency of re-deployment.


Single Pane of Glass

As a cloud migration fragments application delivery resources, operational efficiency is maintained by consolidating the management, monitoring and orchestration of resources into a unified view. This unified view of Kemp, cloud platform and 3rd party resources enables easy identification of issues at a summary level and the ability to drill down to individual resources for more detailed analysis.

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