Free LoadMaster Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Free LoadMaster expire?

No. The Free LoadMaster ‘calls home’ to the licencing server to renew the licence for the next 30 days.

What is the performance capacity of the Free LoadMaster?

The load balancer has a Layer 7 throughput of 20Mbps

How often does the LoadMaster ‘call home’?

Once every 24 hours.

Can a Free LoadMaster be upgraded in-place to a higher performance product?

Yes. Upgrading to a paid product is a licensing change and preserves the existing configuration.

Is there a bare-metal Free Loadmaster?

No. Free LoadMaster is currently only available as a virtual appliance on supported hypervisors

Is there a limit to how many Free LoadMasters are registered under a Kemp-ID?


Can the firmware on Free LoadMaster be updated to the latest release?

In-place firmware updates are not currently supported. However, a backup may be taken of the existing configuration and restored to a newly deployed Free Loadmaster running the latest firmware version

Is there a paid support option for Free LoadMaster?

Yes. Contact us for more information

What is the concurrent session limit on LoadMaster free?

The number of sessions is only limited by the throughput (20 Mbps) and the memory available to the LoadMaster virtual appliance.

Can I purchase ‘Commercial Rules’ for the Application Firewall Pack (AFP)?

The Free LoadMaster would require an upgrade to a commercial LoadMaster product to enable a subscription to ‘Commercial Rules’ for AFP.