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Global Server Load Balancing just got better

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Modern applications and websites are delivered and used in multicloud environments by a mobile workforce and user population. Organizations have embraced the concept of having IT services provided in a hybrid manner using resources located in private data centers and various public and private cloud providers. This has many benefits but presents the challenge of how to deliver a geographically spread application infrastructure as a unified whole.

Kemp GEO

Kemp GEO is the name of our Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB). Kemp GEO delivers GSLB tools that organizations need to successfully deliver applications in a multicloud, geographically dispersed environment. Built on the industry-leading Kemp LoadMaster load balancer, Kemp GEO provides all the functionality of LoadMaster and adds multi-site load balancing plus resilience with seamless site failover and failback. Kemp GEO is available in two editions: as a standalone Virtual-GEO LoadMaster that can be deployed on all major hypervisors (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, RedHat KVM, Citrix Hypervisor, Oracle Virtual Box) and in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Kemp GEO is also available as a feature pack for deployment on existing LoadMaster instances to add GSLB into existing infrastructure. Both editions provide the same functionality.

Benefits of Kemp GEO

When applications are spread across multiple providers, and often in different geographic locations and time zones, uneven loads can be experienced across the various server locations. Kemp GEO maintains an overall picture of all the sites and can direct traffic to the best site for optimal response times. Often this will be the site closest to the endpoint making the request, but in times of high load, it may make sense to redirect some requests from heavily used sites to others with more capacity. Kemp GEO provides the ability to do this. This functionality allows the simplification of application design and delivery in multicloud and hybrid deployments.

Additionally, Kemp GEO provides the tools to allow for global site resilience and disaster recovery response. LoadMaster can balance traffic to application servers within a site. Kemp GEO extends this functionally across locations. So, if a site is not handling requests for any reason, then Kemp GEO will route traffic to another site and ensure service continuity. Reasons that a particular location may not be responding can range from the mundane (taken offline for planned maintenance), through to technical (an unplanned failure) or due to attack like a DDoS preventing responses.

Kemp GEO is also capable of providing DNS failover and continuity within an environment fully controlled by IT staff.

Kemp GEO can be deployed in three ways that each enable Application and DNS resilience:

  • Active/Active – When two or more Kemp GEO instances are in use and configured in this mode then site traffic is routed across all sites. This is the most adaptive configuration and uses all sites at once in the best way possible.
  • Failover – This is the typical DR or backup site configuration. Kemp GEO monitors the live sites, and if they are not available, it then routes traffic to the DR or backup location. With failback available when the live site is responding again.
  • Hybrid – A deployment in this mode can be used to seamlessly introduce public cloud resources into existing on-premises and private data center deployments. In reality, it operates in the same way as either Active/Active or failover, depending on needs.


Kemp GEO is the ideal solution to ensure the availability of modern applications in multicloud and hybrid environments. Built on the solid LoadMaster foundation, GEO is feature rich while also being simple to deploy and manage. Contact us today to get more information and to talk to our experts.

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