Professional Services Portfolio

Project Based Professional Services Portfolio.

Project based services offer pre-defined levels of engagement so we can customize the engagement to meet unique requirements.


Designed for small scale rapid deployments


  • 1 Application Workload
  • 8x5 Engagement Window
  • Deployment Pre-assessment
  • Initial Configuration & Setup
  • Knowledge Transfer of Implementation
Service Description


Designed for multiple site deployments and utilizing core Kemp features.


  • All Express Entitlements
  • Up to 5 Application Workloads
  • 24x7 Engagement Window
  • ESP/SSO Configuration
  • Workload Validation
  • Tier 3 Cutover Assistance
  • Tier 3 User Acceptance Testing
  • Kemp 360 Central Configuration
  • Kemp 360 Vision Configuration
Service Description


Designed to provide an enriched professional service experience featuring project management and documentation.


  • All Core Entitlements
  • Up to 10 Application Workloads
  • WAF Configuration (Kemp Provided Rules)
  • GEO/Site Resiliency Configuration
  • Migration from Existing Load Balancers (F5, Citrix, AVI, Cisco, + more)
  • Deployment Documentation
  • SSL/TLS Security Assessment
Service Description

* Project based services are sold per LoadMaster deployment. The Advanced service allows up to 2 HA Pairs if utilized in site-to-site resiliency.

"Kemp’s pro services is flexible and at the same time, very thorough while going through the customer requirements and making sure that customers are satisfied. They are holding themselves accountable and making sure that all the outstanding questions from customers are being answered in a timely manner."

Systems Engineer, Multinational Technology Partner

Feature Definitions

Engagement WindowExpress is available during normal working hours (5x8). Core and Advanced tiers are available 24x7.
Deployment Pre-AssessmentDefine scope of project, scale of applications, and required configuration. Scope of project will be itemized in agreed Statement of Work.
Initial Configuration and SetupBest practice configuration of LoadMaster (including HA and Cluster) Confirm operation of failover service availability Best practice global configuration System wide logging and monitoring configuration.
Application Workload ConfigurationApplication specific configuration Deployment validation.
Knowledge TransferTraining on administration and general maintenance. Networking and traffic flow training.
Tier 3 support during cutoverServices Engineer Availability (as per engagement window) during cutover of services to production.
Tier 3 support during UATGEO Configuration
Workload ValidationValidate each element of workload configuration is functioning as expected. Create customized template for configuration.
Kemp 360 Central ConfigurationDeploy and configure Kemp 360 Central in a virtual encironment to manage newly deployed LoadMaster instances.
Migration from existing Load Balancer DeploymentsMigration of basic Virtual Service configurations from a range of cendors such as: Window NLB, HA proxy, AQS Elastic LB, F5 Big-IP LTM, Citrix Netscaler, Nginx Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Traffic Manager, Riverbed Stingray, Riverbed SteelApp, & Riverbed Traffic Manager.
Documentation of DeploymentDocumentation of deploymed environment and configuration
Security AssessmentDefine customized cipher sets and security stance to meet SSL Labs 'A' rating.

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