WAF FPA Service

WAF False Positive Analysis Professional Services (SRV-WAF-FPA) (“Services”) are designed for any organization and include up to 8 hours of remote English-speaking Progress Professional Services resource time (Sr. Principal Practice Consultant level) to provide you with advice and assistance on any or all of the tasks listed below:

Planning / Design

Engagement Window: 24x7

Deployment Pre-Assessment: Define scope of project, scale of applications, and required configuration.

Build / Configure

WAF Configuration: Configuration and fine tuning of WAF options, for example Paranoia Levels and Anomaly Scoring. These will be incremental adjustments over the duration of monitoring (4-week timeframe).

False Positive Analysis: Analyze the results of the triggered rules over the monitoring duration and fine tune the rules to mitigate against the identified false positives.

Validate / Cutover

Application Validation: Validate each element of workload configuration is functioning as expected.

Augment / Educate

Knowledge Transfer: Training on current customer's implementation of WAF. Training on false positive analysis for continuous maintenance of WAF configuration.

The Services are subject to the terms and conditions of the Professional Services Agreement set forth at (“Agreement”). Service Provider will be the Progress entity that accepts and processes the order for the Services and may be referred to in the Agreement and herein as “Service Provider”, “we”, “us”, or “our”; Client will be the individual or entity for whom the Services are being ordered and may be referred to in the Agreement and herein and therein as “Client”, “you”, or “your”. Any defined terms referenced but not defined herein will have the meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

You will have 6 months from our invoice date (please note that if you are purchasing through a reseller/distributor, this will be the date of our invoice sent to the entity ordering the services from us) to make use of the 8 hours of service purchased, and any unused hours at the end of said period will expire. If the 8 hours of service are fully depleted and additional Progress Professional Services resource time is required to assist you with the completion of any of the tasks outlined above, then such additional time will be subject to a separate purchase. A resource will be assigned to the project and will engage during their local business hours’ time zone.

The Services will be delivered by us or our Affiliate remotely unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by an authorized representative of Service Provider or its Affiliate. If we agree or our Affiliate agrees, as applicable, to provide all or any portion of the Services at your location, you will reimburse us or our Affiliate for any and all actual expenses incurred in performing such Services including travel and living expenses, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

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