Load Balancing VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon View is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that simplifies administration and delivers personalized virtual desktops. In addition to overall improved user experience it provides:

  • Reduced PC management complexity
  • Reduced costs through virtualization
  • Increased PC uptime
  • Simplified desktop security

All of KEMP’s LoadMaster load balancers, whether virtualized or not, support VMware Horizon View by increasing application performance and removing single points of failure in the deployment. For high availability and scalability, VMware recommends that multiple Connection servers and Security servers be deployed in a load balanced cluster.

Horizon View Connection servers broker client connections, authenticate users and directs incoming requests to the correct endpoint. LoadMaster serves as a central aggregation point for traffic flow between clients and Connection servers, sending clients to the best performing and most available Connection server instance. Horizon View Security servers provide an additional layer of security for View infrastructures that are published to users on the internet. Typically deployed in the DMZ, they proxy incoming connections to View Connection Servers on the trusted network. To improve their availability, LoadMaster is used to publish a single virtual service that external clients connect to for secure access to the environment.

VMware recommends that when large numbers of remote users are being serviced, load balancer SSL termination should be considered to offload secure traffic from the View Security servers to improve performance. When inbound traffic is decrypted prior to being passed to View Security servers for processing, the required resources is reduced and the overall solution performance increases.

To learn more about how LoadMaster can help to keep your VMware Horizon View deployment highly performing and available Contact KEMP.

Connection Server Load Balancing

Security Server Load Balancing