LoadMaster Management Pack for vMware vRealize Operations Manager

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Increasing Application Delivery Visibility

Enabling Application Delivery Visibility with Kemp and VMware

vRealize Operations Manager™ increases visibility for virtual infrastructure administrators across their entire infrastructure. Collection and analysis of performance data, anomaly correlation and root cause identification helps pinpoint and mitigate existing and potential performance problems. Its intelligent framework helps to deliver deep operational insights on the health, risk and efficiency of a virtual infrastructure and the applications that it supports enabling organizations to optimize performance, capacity scaling and configuration.

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Manager

provides intelligent operational insight for administrators, making it easier to automate and manage their environment based on custom and out-of-the-box policies, regardless of the underlying platform. This leads to improved performance, detection of issues before they become problems and enhanced visibility about trends in the environment.

Kemp LoadMaster™

is an advanced L4-7 content switching application delivery controller that enables high avaialbility of applications, SSL offload and intelligent global traffic distribution to direct client requests to the best endpoint across cloud boundaries based on proximity or pre-defined policy.


Application delivery and load balancing are critical services for the successful operation of virtualized application infrastructures. Kemp’s LoadMaster™ application load balancer comes in a variety of form factors including dedicated hardware, virtual appliances and bare metal software and is leveraged for the high availability and optimization of applications in over 11,000 customer deployments. Integration with vRealize Operations Manager now makes key performance, health and availability indicators of enterprise-wide deployed Kemp LoadMasters visible in vROps, enabling comprehensive monitoring and simplifying application related troubleshooting.

How Kemp’s LM Management Pack Extend vRealize Operations

The LoadMaster vROps management pack provides visibility into application performance metrics on deployed LoadMasters as well as the virtual machines that they are providing application delivery services for. This information provides virtual infrastructure administrators with additional data points to help address application performance issues and identify areas where resource allocation should be adjusted for optimal operations.


VMware Validated Integration with vRealize Operations

Kemp is an industry leader in software-based L4-7 application delivery technology and has maintained a laser focus on providing availability and performance for workloads in virtualized and hybrid cloud environments. This strategy, along with broad integration with VMware technologies has made LoadMaster the load balancer of choice in thousands of virtual private cloud customer deployments. Kemp’s VMware-validated integration with vROps further extends these capabilities and supports increased infrastructure operational visibility.

How It Works

Kemp’s vROps management pack enables discovery of deployed LoadMasters and communication with them via REST API. By inventorying their assets (virtual services, real servers, etc.) key LoadMaster-specific metrics can be gathered to identify the health of the overall environment and detect where performance issues may be developing.

Solution Benefits

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

The Kemp vROps management pack enables a single pane of visibility for the health and performance of deployed Kemp Virtual LoadMasters.

Simplified Troubleshooting

Key metric presentation for deployed Kemp application load balancers contributes to the health monitoring of the infrastructure as well as the root cause analysis of application performance issues.

Resource Relationship

Default relationship mapping between Kemp LoadMaster resource kinds provides a working view of the logical application traffic flow.


Learn More about Kemp’s Management Pack for vRealize Operations

To learn more about how Kemp’s LoadMaster vROps management pack can contribute to operational visibility in your infrastructure and see more of Kemp’s solutions for VMware technologies visit Kemp in the VMware Solution Exchange or the Kemp website at


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