Managing QoS

How to control Dell EMC ECS client traffic using QoS

Using QoS to guarantee performance of critical applications

ECS Connection manager implements QoS (Quality of Service) controls to rate limit connections and requests to Dell EMC ECS platforms providing full control over the levels of service provided to applications and users.

QoS on ECS storage provides

  • Granular control of resource allocation in multi-tenant and multi-application environments
  • Protection against rogue applications generating excessive requests
  • Reduced impact of unpredicted events such as boot storms
  • Fair and balanced allocation of service across multiple workloads

Implementing QoS for Dell EMC ECS

QoS controls may be applied based on connection rate or request rate with the option of providing graceful throttling of requests with a HTTP 429 response (Too many requests) or with a 503 response (Service unavailable). For maximum flexibility controls can be applied based on the client (source) or on the ECS resource (target) being accessed.

QoS Controls for ECS Connection Manager

Rate limiting controls of connections and requests may be applied as outlined below to enable QoS on Dell EMC ECS storage platforms. Controls may be defined via the ECS Connection Manager web interface or via API.

Control PointUsage
GlobalApply a global limit to all traffic accessing ECS storage via the ECS Connection Manager to prevent the storage platform for being overloaded
Source IP rangeEnforce an ECS QoS limit based on the client’s source IP address or subnet to allow segmentation of traffic by location
ECS NamespaceApply a limit based on the namespace being accessed
ECS Bucket – PathUse the bucket path (e.g. to define the QoS to be applied
ECS Bucket – Virtual HostUse the bucket host (e.g. to define the QoS to be applied

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