Kemp Professional Services team provides expertise and insight to ensure the rapid and issue-free deployment of load balancing resources. We evaluate, plan, design and implement your load balancing environment with a personalized service that brings the experience of over 40,000 implementations to your deployment.

Speak to a Kemp engineer who will analyze your load balancer or application delivery controller (ADC) requirements and define an agreed statement of work to configure and optimize your application services. These can include load balancing, web application firewall and edge security authentication for specific workloads in any environment including multi-cloud. Professional Services save time in the critical bring-up phase of a deployment and are backed by priority Tier 3 support throughout the entire engagement. Beyond reducing initial deployment overhead, we ensure that administrative staff receive a full transfer of information relating to their configuration so they are fully prepared to maintain the environment.

Benefits of Kemp Professional Services

  • Quicker deployments
  • Guaranteed best practice configuration
  • Priority Tier-3 support during engagement and go live
  • Reduce cost by using trained application deployment experts
  • Enhance internal skillsets

Professional Services greatly simplify and accelerate load balancing deployments in a wide range of scenarios including cloud migration and implementation of highly available services. They ensure correct implementation and ongoing quality of service by applying best practices and the expertise of Kemp engineers in a wide range of workload scenarios.

Professional Services offer pre-defined levels of engagement or we can customize the engagement to meet unique requirements. All engagements provide a defined statement of work after the initial assessment and pricing is fixed for the work defined regardless of duration.

Professional Services Portfolio

Choose from 3 pre-defined service tiers or a customized engagement. Costs are visible up-front and the engagement is task focused and not time constrained.

  Professional Services Engagement Tier
Service Express Core Advanced
Engagement window 5x8 24x7 24x7
Deployment pre-assessment
Initial configuration and setup
Workload configurations 1 5 10
LoadMaster™ deployments 2 4 8
Introduction to Kemp
Knowledge transfer
Tier 3 support during UAT
Tier 3 support during cutover
GEO configuration
Kemp 360 Central™ configuration
Workload validation
Migration from existing load balancer deployments
Documentation of deployment
SSL/TLS security assessment
Hybrid deployment support
SDN load balancing

Service Definitions

Service Definition
Engagement window Express is available during normal working hours (5x8). Core and Advanced tiers are available 24x7.
Deployment pre-assessment Define scope of project, scale of applications, and required configuration. Scope of project will be itemized in agreed Statement of Work.
Initial configuration and setup Best practice configuration of LoadMaster (including HA and Cluster). Confirm operation of failover service availability. Best practice global configuration. System wide logging and monitoring configuration.
Application workload configuration Application specific configuration Deployment validation
Introduction to Kemp Kemp ID Creation, Help Center and Community Overview, Security and Product notifications, Account Manager Introduction
Knowledge transfer Training on administration and general maintenance. Networking and traffic flow training.
Tier 3 support during cutover Services Engineer availability (as per engagement window) during cutover of services to production.
Tier 3 support during UAT Support up to 2 weeks (elapsed) of user acceptance testing
GEO configuration Build and synchronize GEO configurations spanning across multiple sites. Verify testing of configuration during UAT.
Workload validation Validate each element of workload configuration is functioning as expected. Create customized template for configuration.
Kemp 360 Central configuration Deploy and configure Kemp 360 Central in a virtual environment to manage newly deployed LoadMaster instances.
Migration from existing load balancer deployments Migration of basic Virtual Service configurations from a range of vendors*. Windows NLB, HAproxy, AWS Elastic LB, F5 Big-IP LTM, Citrix Netscaler Nginx, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway Azure Traffic Manager, Riverbed StingRay, Riverbed SteelApp, Riverbed Traffic Manager. * 3rd Party products and services referenced may be registered trademarks or trademarks of the relevant parties in the United States and/or other countries.
Documentation of deployment Documentation of deployed environment and configuration.
Security assessment Define customized cipher sets and security stance to meet SSL Labs ‘A’ rating.
Hybrid deployment support Deployment of LoadMasters to include Azure AD environment. Site to site VPN from LoadMasters on premise and in cloud.
SDN load balancing SDN load balancing configuration for Virtual IPs