Remote Work and Always-On App Experience for Business Continuity

Kemp load balancers are essential to sustaining the availability and security of your critical business functions

Why load balancers matter in uncertain times

During a crisis, disaster, or pandemic such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are forced to change how we do business. This places new stress on business functions, applications and the network with work-from-home (WFH) policies and increased “social distancing.” We depend on our IT infrastructure and business applications despite these circumstances. Kemp load balancers are proven to deliver the always-on service availability, resiliency, and security that your business needs. They maintain an optimal application experience [AX] for employees, external workers/contractors, or to the public. Deployed as software, hardware, or as cloud instances, the Kemp load balancers optimize the performance and availability of servers delivering important content to end-users, acting as a “traffic cop” to deliver requests to the best network servers as quickly and efficiently as possible, continually checking performance and security of the workload.

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Disaster Recovery

Eliminate any single point of failure in your application delivery infrastructure. Kemp automatically detects faults in application servers and can automatically remove individual systems from the pool of available resources. Global server load balancing (GLSB) also works to automate the disaster recovery process between data centers, while load balancing ensures the application is always-on to keep the business running.

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Geographic Redundancy

Sometimes it is necessary to isolate geographies due to natural disasters or other events. In this situation, the application availability moves from one location to another. In other situations, the end user may want to go to a region-specific instance of the application and data. Kemp GSLB offers advanced intelligence to steer clients to the appropriate regional version of the application whether for disaster recovery or location specific context.

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On-demand Scalability

Network and application usage will increase as we practice “social distancing.” As more business is conducted over the internet, additional load is placed on the IT infrastructure and application servers. Load balancers act as a reverse-proxy to manage pools of servers. Resources can be added and removed from these pools easily and transparently, and application performance can scale based on the demand to deliver an optimal AX to end-users.

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Work from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses into work-from-home mode. Remote employees need reliable access to the company network through virtual private network (VPN) technologies to access internal applications and resources. To sustain a reliable and available WFH experience, Kemp load balancing helps ensure businesses can deliver an always-on VPN solution for their employees.

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At Kemp, we have you covered!

Simplified deployments

From award-winning hardware, to virtual and cloud-native options, and the world’s first per-app load balancer/ADC

Flexible licensing

With perpetual, subscription and metered licensing options that align with your business requirements

Unmatched value

With the industry’s best price-for-performance products that can deliver 4x the throughput per $ compared to F5 and Citrix

World-Class support

With a 99% customer satisfaction rating, providing you with direct access to highly-experienced engineers with strong application specific competencies on first contact

Industry-leading customer satisfaction

And the world’s most popular virtual load balancer with over 100,000 deployments

Kemp rated 4.9/5 in the “Application Delivery Controller” category


“An excellent virtual load balancer with a lot of configuration options”

Gartner Peer Insights

Kemp rated 4.7/5 in the “Application Delivery Controller” category

“Excellent product. Great value for money”


Kemp product offerings

The ultimate high-performance virtual load balancer

Kemp Virtual LoadMaster MAX (VLM-MAX)

Unlimited capacity licensing and x86 optimization enables dynamic scalability of hypervisor platform resources. Download a free trial here:

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Hyper-performance, ultra-redundant hardware load balancer

Kemp LoadMaster X15 (LM-X15)

Scalability, feature depth, and security required to enable resilient delivery of application workloads of all sizes. Contact us here to get started

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