What is a load Balancer

Load Balancers help the internet go faster by smoothing the demand that users create for video, data and music. Everything you watch and use on the internet is marshalled by a super fast fleet of “Internet Highway Patrols” that keep traffic moving faster!

What does a Load balancer do?

Internet Load Balancers are used in a variety of applications. For example, if you use Microsoft Products, you might want to read up on some specifics in our guides:

  • Microsoft Lync Load Balancer
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Load Balancer
  • Microsoft Exchange Load Balancer

Some Load Balancers are just software based, like our new Virtual Load Balancer.

We Also Design Load Balancers for

  • VMWare Load Balancers
  • Network Load Balancers
  • Round Robin Load Balancers
  • Hosting Companies
  • Media and Video Streaming