Web Server Load Balancer

Web Server Load Balancing - Uptime is Money

If your business relies upon web servers to provide user content, ecommerce facilities or interactive applications you would be taking a huge risk if you do not deploy web server load balancers between the users visiting your sites and the internet web servers. Historically the problem for web site owners has been the high cost of the load balancers that made them only suitable for the largest web operators.

KEMP Technologies introduce the affordable web server load balancer

KEMP Technologies LoadMaster load balancers have broken the high price deadlock that means that even operators of small but business critical web sites have access to a solution either virtual or on an appliance, to meet more modest budgets. The key benefits are that the functionality and performance of the LoadMasters is equivalent to high price load balancers that cost many times more, while only offering the same functionality.

Key web server load balancing benefits

  • LoadMasters continually monitor the web server performance at layer 4 (server) and Layer 7 (application) to ensure traffic is directed to the best performing server
  • Internet load balancing is optimized by LoadMaster GEO load balancers that can serve traffic based on the users’ location as well as the speed of the various connections to the most suitable Internet web server.
  • KEMP LoadMasters handle the vital task of SSL offload processing to avoid overload on the web servers themselves. The LoadMaster 2600, 3600 and 5300 all have ASICs on board to specifically handle this task in the most efficient and fastest manner.

KEMP gives you 5 top reasons why you need LoadMasters

  • LoadMasters ensure user experience is optimized by protecting against the dreaded server time out
  • KEMP does not believe that Server performance is measured only by server up time. Application speed and responsiveness is the measure of user satisfaction, load balancing at Layer 7 is the key.
  • LoadMasters shield your web servers from user identification ensuring security is maintained.
  • With prices starting at the cost of layer 4 switch LoadMasters are suitable for all web masters
  • Read our user testimonials to find out how web owners like you have benefitted from deploying LoadMasters.