Kemp and SAP


Kemp ensures fast, secure and reliable access to SAP Applications, including the SAP Business Suite/HANA

Kemp Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solutions, or Load Balancers are certified for integration with SAP via WAN Network Connectivity for Reliability & Availability, Performance and Security. Adding Kemp LoadMaster as part of an SAP deployment ensures that SAP enterprise customers can easily access their SAP applications from anywhere, securely, quickly and reliably.

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Reverse Proxy for SAP Environments

Kemp’s LoadMaster™ provides a perfect platform to deliver highly available reverse proxy services to SAP environments enhancing service delivery with features such as advanced load balancing, SSL offloading and an integrated web application firewall. Serving as a reverse proxy for SAP applications, Kemp LoadMaster provides the flexibility of deploying LoadMaster and/or the SAP applications on premises, in the Cloud or in a Hybrid environment, ensuring secure access for users and applications and preventing unauthorized access to application servers.

Kemp LoadMaster Certified for Network Performance, Reliability, Availably and Security

Kemp delivers both on and off premise solutions, providing the widest range of deployment options. Kemp ADCs are available in virtually any configuration that works in an SAP deployment. LoadMaster is available in virtual (hypervisor-neutral), cloud, appliance, or bare metal (i.e. install on hardware of choice), or a hybrid of the above.


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