Load Balancing CyberArk

Availability, Scalability and Performance for Endpoint Privilege Manager

CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager blocks and contains attacks at the endpoint by enforcing least privilege thereby reducing the risk of data exfiltration. Security teams with the use of enforced granular least privileged policies and ability to identify and block malicious applications, security teams can prevent ransomware.

Kemp LoadMaster easily meets the load balancing recommendations and best practices as defined by CyberArk

  • Application aware load balancing of CyberArk using a reverse proxy
  • Health monitoring of CyberArk PSM services
  • Option to offload SSL processing from CyberArk PSM nodes
  • Use ‘Least Connections’ scheduling to load balance traffic across CyberArk PSM nodes
  • Deployment of the LoadBalancer in a highly available configuration
  • Use of DNS load balancing (GSLB) for all CyberArk traffic

Site Resilience

Support for multi-site deployments providing automated failover in the event of complete site outage.

Infinite Scale

LoadMaster delivers the ability to seamlessly add additional PVWA and PSM servers to meet the demands for the largest of organizations.

Greater Performance

Eliminate TLS overhead on CyberArk by offloading to the LoadMaster and increase overall performance.

Reduce security risks with CyberArk always-on access

Kemp LoadMaster delivers increased network performance and reliability by removing single points of failure both within a single data center or across multiple data centers.

Health monitoring of PSM services at the HTTP level automatically detects outages ensuring continued operation in the event of a failure.

CyberArk PSMCyberArk PVWAData Center - AData Center - BCyberArk PSMCyberArk PVWAGSLB

Scale CyberArk with LoadMaster

As organizations grow and their user base increases, additional PVWA / PSM instances will need to be added to meet the increased demand. Acting as the connection point for these modern apps, Kemp LoadMaster seamlessly allows for the expansion of the Privileged Access Management architecture by simply adding the additional instances to the scheduling rotation and/or expanding beyond a single site.

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