Virtual LoadMaster for Azure

Virtual LoadMaster for Azure Cloud ADC- Optimized to run natively inside of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, LoadMaster for Azure delivers full Layer 4-7 load balancing and application delivery services for Azure-hosted workloads. LoadMaster instances deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud and on-premise private cloud environments work together to deliver continuity of service across cloud boundaries.

  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS):  Licenced up to 10,000
  • Virtual Services: Licensed up to 500

Virtual LoadMaster for Azure complements applications deployed in the Microsoft Azure IaaS infrastructure by providing comprehensive Layer 7 traffic distribution and session persistence, application health checking and SSL acceleration. Additional services such as Intrusion Prevention, caching and compression for published services and the ability to share a single endpoint to publish multiple virtual services optimizes traffic flow for applications deployed in Microsoft Azure.

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  • Windows Azure Optimization
  • Flexible Load Balancing Algorithms for TCP/UDP based protocols
  • Application-Aware Session Persistence
  • SSL Acceleration/Offload
  • Layer 7 Health Checking and Content Switching
  • Advanced, App-Transparent Caching Engine for HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Optimized Compression for Static and Dynamic HTTP/HTTPS Content
  • Layer 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), SNORT-Rule Compatible
  • Supports Up to 500 Virtual Services
  • Application-Specific deployment templates
  • Integrated Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) Included
  • HA supported when used with LoadMaster GEO/GSLB
  • KEMP Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP) Engine


  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): Up to 10,000

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Technical Specifications      

  • Supports Up to 500 Virtual Services
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): Up to 10,000