Kemp Acquires Flowmon Networks: Ray Downes and Jiří Tobola

Kemp acquires Flowmon for predictive network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPDM) and network detection and response (NDR). Kemp boosts load balancing and application delivery controller (ADC) solutions with advanced flow-based monitoring and encrypted traffic analysis to enable customers to uncover cybersecurity blind spots and accelerate application incident response.

Kemp Technologies CEO Ray Downes and Flowmon Networks CEO Jiří Tobola discuss the acquistion.

Kemp is the leader in powering always-on application experience [AX] while Flowmon Networks is a leader in actionable network intelligence solutions for network and security operations (NetSecOps) teams.

The acquisition brings together application delivery and security services with deep network visibility and automated security incident response. Joining these capabilities together arms NetSecOps teams with early detection of advanced threats and network anomalies along with complete active feedback loops for remediation.

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