Microsoft Azure

Azure is the branding and marketing name for Microsoft’s suite of Cloud-based services. Azure provides access to over 100+ IT services and components that can be deployed, linked, built upon, and used via a Pay as You Go model. Azure provides ready-made services in the following categories:
  • AI + Machine Learning (Tools to quickly build services based on Microsoft developed and trained AI and ML services)
  • Analytics (Tools to examine and report on multiple data sources across Web, IoT, Mobile, desktop, and Server-based apps)
  • Compute (Windows and Linux based Virtual machines)
  • Containers (pre-packaged functionality without server management overhead)
  • Databases (MS SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Data Management (SQL Data Warehouse, Data Factory, NoSQL Key-Value stores)
  • Developer (Tools to develop Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android apps)
  • DevOps (Development and Services collaboration tools)
  • Identity Tools (Active Directory and authentication tools in the Cloud)
  • Internet of Things (Complete Suite of Cloud tools for creating IoT solutions)
  • Management (Complete set of tools to manage a Cloud or Hybrid based infrastructure)
  • Media (Video and audio encoding and delivery tools)
  • Migration (Tools to automate moving services to and between Cloud-based locations)
  • Mobile (Complete toolset for providing back-end data and other services for mobile apps)
  • Networking (Cloud-based implementations of network equipment such as Routers, Gateways, Firewalls etc.)
  • Security (all the tools needed to secure networks and applications)
  • Storage (Multiple types of storage to use in various scenarios)
  • Web (Services to create Web-based apps)

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