TDC guarantees Skype for Business availability with Kemp


The Problem

TDC, the largest telecommunications company in Denmark, aims to provide subscribers of its ‘Cloud Solutions’ service with reliable, smooth access to various online services to support their business needs. Skype for Business is the primary service in the Cloud Solutions suite, meaning it was vital to overcome any challenges in making it always available and always high-performing.

Why Kemp

Kemp products and services are robust and reliable, meaning they can handle the extreme amounts of throughput generated by the many clients of a large company like TDC. Not only can Kemp technically handle this challenge, but Kemp’s metered licensing model guarantees that its clients avoid upfront costs and never overpay.

The Solution

Kemp products and services were integrated into the support infrastructure of TDC’s Skype for Business service, allowing TDCs many clients of various sizes to effortlessly access and utilize the app, building on TDC’s longstanding reputation as the premiere telecommunications company in Denmark.

The Challenge

TDC has consistently been the dominant telecommunications company in Denmark going all the way back to the 1800s. In order to maintain this position, TDC aims to exceed expectations in rapidly adapting to new technologies and changing technology infrastructures. This allows them to provide the most up to date, beneficial experience of their customers’ end.

This meant its Skype for Business support, included as the central part of its Cloud Solutions package, needed to be top notch, easily adaptable and slickly accessible on the users’ end. This called for a re-evaluation of their support infrastructure to make sure it represented the most efficient, trustworthy, and financially viable option.

The Solution

After looking at the market and comparing a variety of competing possibilities, TDC decided to use Kemp as the basis of its Skype for Business service, allowing them to easily provide their promised service in a manner that surpassed their customers’ high expectations while being remarkably cost-effective for TDC.

“Deciding to use Kemp boxes was a no brainer,” said Anders Ørsted Pedersen, head of Cloud solutions at TDC. “We chose Kemp for our solutions because it is the easiest, fastest way to implement Skype for business environment. It works pretty much out of the box with very, very little additions to the configuration.”

Kemp is the only load balancing company to offer its innovative metered licensing payment model. This gives TDC access to an unlimited number of ADC’s, automatically accessing more and thus increasing their throughput capacity as and when they need to do so. This means that their support infrastructure can adapt to meet sudden, unexpected surges in usage of the kind that in traditional load balancing infrastructures could cause slowdowns or outages. As a result, TDC can now easily guarantee their clients continuous, fast Skype for Business access at even the busiest of times.

Apart from the ease with which Kemp solutions can deal with TDC's technical needs, it can do so while saving them money versus any competitor. Metered licensing means only paying for what you use. This gives you the capacity to deal with elevated traffic while only paying for it if the need arises, saving money over traditional pricing models where if you overestimated your needs you would end up overpaying , underestimating lead to slowdowns and outages, and even if you found the right balance most of the capacity you paid for would go unused most of the time. This makes Kemp’s metred licensing truly game-changing in the market and an obvious choice for companies like TDC.

“There’s no upfront money. I didn’t have to go out and ask for a lot of capex funding. We pay the metered license every month. If we at some point get way more traffic than we have now, well, it’s just an addition to the metered licensing. It’s easy. The way we grow, Kemp grows with us.”

The Result

The end result is that well into any foreseeable future TDC is able to easily and without stress provide the pillar of its Cloud Solutions package to its many clients, upholding its evolving reputation while avoiding any possibility of overspending and compromising the financial efficiency of their business.

We chose Kemp because of the flexibility. The metered Licensing is very, very important for us. We could spin up the amount boxes we wanted.
Anders Ørsted Pedersen
Head of Cloud solutions, TDC

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