Lamprell has deployed Progress Kemp LoadMaster Using its Out-of-the-Box Cyber Security Capabilities to Give Their Customers and Employees Much-Deserved Peace of Mind


The Problem

Lamprell’s Digital Business Unit team needed to find an on-premise balancer for the company’s Digital Twin application servers. The team was looking to deliver a cybersecurity solution that fits within specific data sovereignty laws and develop a security tool within the company’s budget.

Why Kemp

The team deployed Progress® Kemp® LoadMaster® and utilized its out-of-the-box security capabilities to meet specific compliance requirements. It also met the load balancing conditions set up by the company, along with other security check-up requirements. Additionally, Lamprell found the web application firewall ideal for clients and employees.


The Solution

LoadMaster helped Lamprell continuously meet the security standards set up by the company and their clients. Additionally, Lamprell no longer needs to send employees on days off to monitor their servers. Not only did this save the Digital Business Unit time and effort, but it also saved them money, close to $150K USD (or 550965.02 United Arab Emirates Dirham).


Full Case Study

Lamprell is 45+ year-old company working in three core business verticals (oil and gas, renewable and most recently, digital). Its flagship facility in Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah is used for in the construction of new build jackup drilling rigs, offshore windfarm foundations, wind turbine installation vessels, accommodation units and land rigs. Lamprell is the leading renewables player within the MENA region having built, or in the process of building, 150+ offshore wind farm foundations for various UK and European Offshore Wind Farm projects in the North Sea.

At the company’s headquarters in Sharjah, U.A.E., the Digital Business Unit team was starting a new, internal project. They were seeking to deploy an on-premise and scalable load balancing solution. Key considerations for Lamprell when executing this project were the need to be cost effective, to implement best practice security procedures and meet the security protocols of its clients. Vijaykumar Mali, Digital Transformation Manager, Lamprell, describes these as “data residency” compliance requirements for their clients.

“The client organizations needs to comply with their country’s specific or governmentspecific cyber security framework requirements as a part of that, said Mali. “They do not allow us to use any cloud-based application unless it is approved by client or their nominated auditing companies, which takes two-to-three years to fulfill the requirements. We must opt for on-premise solution considering Digital solutions implementation in Project schedule and Kemp Load Master is a highly effective solution for Lamprell.”;


Lamprell Digital Team started doing its research and identified LoadMaster as the preferred option. Taking note of how it met the specific conditions of Lamprell’s project, Lamprell Digital BU & Lamprell IT team members were confident that they could utilize its capabilities to full effect. Also, Lamprell Digital BU team and Lamprell IT team members also found LoadMaster’s easy-to-use nature helpful for installation on Lamprell’s systems.


After they set the initial configurations, Lamprell was able to save close to $150K USD (or more than 550,000 United Arab Emirates Dirhams) per year. Plus, employees did not have to come in on their days off to make sure each server was working as expected. With the budget being kept in line, and employees gaining more peace of mind, Mali had peace of mind that the two major requirements had been achieved.

According to Mali, he and his team found the company servers performing more efficiently than before, especially on the security front, where load balancing and network monitoring is becoming a more common best practice within the IT team. However, Mali believes that despite all the positive results, Lamprell has barely scratched the surface of LoadMaster’s features. He sees scalability as something they will utilize soon.

“It has the scalability with web application firewall requirements we need,” said Mali. “I’m not an expert but based on the feedback I received from my team, the Kemp LoadMaster solutions have been chosen because of its security capabilities.”

About Lamprell

Lamprell is a key player in the renewables and oil & gas energy markets with more than 45 years’ experience delivering world-class projects. Lamprell designs and provides assets and services that help clients to produce energy safely, efficiently and cost effectively through their three business units: Renewables, Oil & Gas and Digital.

Load balancing was the primary requirement, and the web application firewall was another key driver. We based our security requirements off intuition, privilege and prevention. Other requirements included health checking, scheduling and balancing methods which are features all part of Kemp.

Vijaykumar Mali
Digital Transformation Manager, Lamprell

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