Kemp Technologies balances the network and delivers security for Group Mauro Saviola

The largest company globally in the recycling of post-consumer wood boosts its network security with Kemp’s Virtual LoadMaster™ solution

AD Consulting, authorized Kemp partner, implemented the upgrade of the network infrastructure for the company based in Northern Italy

The Mauro Saviola Group, the leading Italian manufacturer of particleboard and melamine-faced panels and the largest company globally in the recycling of post-consumer wood, has chosen Kemp Technologies as the load balancing solution provider for its network infrastructure. With 13 manufacturing sites, numerous warehouses scattered all over the world and almost 1000 network users, the existing network infrastructure was no longer able to support the company’s growing needs. The objective of the project was two-fold: the secure running of new application services and an improved internal security of the network.

The two sites involved in the network expansion are made up of a hub of a dozen production and warehouse buildings connected by a radio link interface. The hub hosts two data centers that each run different business-critical applications and services that are key to day-to-day operations at the Mauro Saviola Group. The company has a capacity to collect more than 1.5 million tons of waste wood each year which can save a potential of 10,000 trees per day. The company’s core business is the production of a particleboard made from post-consumption wood, the Ecological Panel which is the first and only product in the market to be FSC certified 100% recycled wood. As a market leader in this sector and with a niche product in the Ecological Panel, speed and high availability of the network are essential to sustain demand and ensure customer satisfaction.

"We knew from the outset of the project that load balancing would have an important role in ensuring durability and security across the network infrastructure." commented Andrea Goldoni, Co-founder of AD Consulting. "We did a competitive analysis of the different solutions available in the market and chose Kemp Technologies for their price / performance relationship and for ease of implementation and management. A decisive factor in the decision-making process was also the Kemp license model which is based on volume rather than features; this definitely saved the client money and its ease of use has been a real plus.”

The Kemp LoadMaster™ VLM-2000 provides a throughput of up to 2000 Mbps to manage client connections to applications and business-critical services. Requests for client access are directed automatically to the virtual servers in order to deliver high performance based on factors such as simultaneous connections, CPU load and memory usage to avoid "bottlenecks" in the network. If then a server or an application does not respond, the user is automatically redirected to another server that is up and running.

“The Virtual LoadMaster™ VLM-2000 can scale up to enterprise level to cover the needs of even large organisations.” commented Stefano Bisceglia, Country Manager for Kemp in Italy. “It delivers 2Gbps of processing throughput and its specially optimized software is able to accomplish Layer 7 content switching, software-based traffic acceleration and IPS. The VLM-2000 provides a resource optimization layer in front of applications so that IT administrators gain greater control to adapt to dynamic changes in their application infrastructure.”

"Thanks to Kemp Technologies, we were able to provide a solution with an excellent cost-performance ratio for fast deployment and the secure operation of business critical platforms." commented Daniel Romani, Co-founder of AD Consulting. "In a short turnaround we were able to get all the critical applications up and running securely with the high number of users that needed access to services, and the network load remained balanced at all times. The Kemp LoadMaster™ delivers hardware-level performance in a virtual package.”

The Partner

A propensity towards innovation combined with an operational methodology and technical certifications make AD Consulting a reliable partner that guarantees a direct customer relationship and a dedicated mindset to design robust solutions, capable of evolving to customer growth. Both private companies and public bodies rely on AD Consulting for their IT Governance, Security, and Software Engineering requirements. The geographical locations of the four company sites in Modena, Vimercate, Vicenza and Rome allow the company to have a national presence in the market.

The Customer

The Saviola Group is made up of several national and international companies dedicated to three industries: wood, chemical, and furniture. The consolidated turnover of the Group has placed it consistently year in year out among the top 300 Italian industrial companies and among the leaders in the world in its sectors.


Thanks to Kemp Technologies, we were able to provide a solution with an excellent cost-performance ratio for fast deployment and the secure operation of business critical platforms.
Daniel Romani
Co-founder of AD Consulting

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