Supported Transceiver Modules

LoadMaster models LM-4000, LM-4010-MT, LM-5000, LM-5600, LM-5610-MT, LM-8000, LM-8010-MT, LM-8020, and LM-8020M are equipped with network cards capable of supporting SFP+ or SFP transceivers. The table below states the Transceiver modules and cable types to be used when the port is to be used as 10Gb or 1Gb (Copper or Fiber) port.

Please note the KEMP Part Number mentioned has been tested and certified by KEMP. This part number is for reference only and does not prevent the user from using third party transceiver modules with similar specifications if desired.

Supported Speed (Gbps) Media (Copper or Fiber) Cable Type required Transceiver/Cable Type KEMP Part Number
10 Fiber Multi-mode Fiber 10Gb SFP+ SR Optic (10GBASE-SR) LM-SFP-SR
(SFP+ SR Transceiver 10GBASE-SR 850nm up to 300m)
10 Copper Built in or integrated SFP+ Direct Attach Cable (Twinax) LM-SFP-DAC-1M (Direct Attached 1m cable)
LM-SFP-DAC-3M (Direct Attached 3m cable)
LM-SFP-DAC-5M (Direct Attached 5m cable)
1 Fiber Multi-mode fiber 1Gb SFP SX Optic (1000BASE-SX) LM-SFP-SX
(SFP+ SX Transceiver 1000BASE-SX 850nm, 550m over MMF)
1 Fiber Single-mode fiber 1Gb SFP LX Optic (1000BASE-LX) LM-SFP-LX
(SFP+ LX Tranasceiver 1000Base-LX 1310NM, 10KM over SMF)
1 Copper Cat-5e/Cat-6 1Gb Copper LM-SFP-RJ45 (RJ45 Copper SFP Transceiver)


  • The SFP+ port shall auto-negotiate to 10Gbps or 1Gbps depending on the Transceiver module connected to the port.
  • The SFP+ port is compatible with MSA Compliant SFP and SFP+ transceiver modules.