Public Technical Preview Programs

Help shape the future of load balancing and application experience


Kemp’s Technical Preview Programs are designed to enable the generation of customer feedback and insights on our current and future products. We’ve found that engagement through technical previews is one of the best ways to foster innovation, collaboration and blended learning with our valued customer community. Technical Previews are available to anyone interested in testing our software and providing feedback to our Product Management and Development teams. Program information on this page will be updated as initiatives progress to GA and new ones are added so check back periodically for updates.

Why Participate?

Improve Your Skills

Access to next-generation features will help you to grow your technical skills and gain a better understanding of the direction of the load balancing, proxy, firewall and application delivery industry.

Pre-Production Validation

Get a chance to validate new capabilities in your environment ahead of production deployment. Help drive better joint outcomes through feedback and collaboration with our product teams.

Influence Our Roadmap

Engaging in our Technical Preview program gives you the opportunity to help prioritize Kemp's roadmap initiatives and guide the future of our new capabilities development.

Current Technical Previews

Google Cloud platform

This technical preview enables Progress LoadMaster deployment within Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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Ansible Configuration Automation

This technical preview enables automated configuration management and state validation of Kemp load balancers with an Ansible module and playbook configurations. This enables the streamlining of service deployment and optimized pipelines between App Dev and IT Operations.

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Puppet Configuration Automation

This technical preview enables automated configuration management and state validation of Kemp load balancers with Puppet.

Coming Soon

Dynamic Cloud-Based Auto-Scaling

This technical preview leverages the MS Azure and AWS auto-scale schema to automate the scale-in and scale-out of your Kemp load balancer deployment to address real-time demand.

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in a Technical Preview program?

Register for a technical preview by clicking on the "Enroll" link on the program you're interested in. You will be directed to a page with more information and have an opportunity to download the software by signing in with your Kemp ID (KID). You will have an opportunity to create a KID if you don't already have one.

How do I provide feedback on a technical preview I'm testing?

The details page for each technical preview will provide a direct link to a corresponding feature item in our Ideas portal where you can provide feedback and see inputs from other customers and the Kemp product team.

What can I expect?
  • Occasional surveys related to the technical preview that you enrolled in and overall program experience
  • E-mail based notification about future technical previews that we believe may be of interest to you
  • Follow-up from Kemp’s Product team on feedback that you submit and a request for a brief (20-30 minutes) web conference to better understand your applicable use cases for technical previews you enroll in
  • Tech preview on-boarding session