Metered Enterprise Licensing (MELA) offers enterprises and service providers a flexible and elastic way to license their application delivery resources. MELA meets the demands for flexible application capacity and the requirements of environments such as cloud for multiple application delivery controller (ADC) instances. By using this model, an organization can subscribe to a defined monthly capacity which can be distributed across unlimited on-demand ADC instances deployed between multiple cloud and on-premises environments. MELA is a subscription service and allows organizations to pay-as-you-grow with an application delivery infrastructure that is flexible, cost-effective, scalable and always right-sized.

How it works

MELA is a monthly, in-arrears capacity license for Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) where the peak throughput of each LoadMaster ADC instance during the month is the metric used for metering.

All these individual peaks are totaled to give the overall monthly usage for MELA. The usage is sampled every 5 minutes by Kemp 360 Central and reported to Kemp at the end of each month. Kemp Metered Licensing (MELA) Overview.

Solving Application Delivery Challenges

Today’s application and service delivery environments are complex and dynamic. A metered licensing approach offers the flexibility to address the challenges posed in a cost-effective and easily managed way.

Challenge The MELA Solution
I need multi-tenancy so I can isolate for security and compliance Traditional multi-tenancy requires large appliances that are expensive to scale and focused on a limited number of large tenants. With Metered Licensing, individual application instances, departments and organizations can have dedicated and isolated load balancers of any capacity.
I need to be able to scale on demand Hardware based solutions do not fit well in dynamic environments as they need to be over-provisioned to meet anticipated demand. In contrast, Metered Licensing is always right-sized and can instantly scale to meet unpredicted demands.
I need to load balance in the Cloud Metered licensing fits perfectly with cloud consumption models as you only pay for what you use and have the flexibility to scale within a single load balancer instance or to scale using multiple instances.
I need to react quickly to business demands Metered licensing simplifies the process of provisioning LoadMaster instances as services can be easily deployed, licensed and configured for service using the LoadMaster API and platform auto-provisioning tools.
I need to meet business demands without incurring infrastructure costs Metered licensing leverages existing infrastructure as LoadMaster instances are virtual and execute on a wide range of hypervisor and cloud platforms. This optimizes use of existing resources and minimizes operational costs by using existing tools and processes.
I need to deliver security across all web applications MELA includes the option to enable a Web Application Firewall (WAF) on all ADCs and provide daily rule updates.

MELA Features

Feature Benefit
Monthly subscription No up-front investment and flexibility to grow as demands change.
Based on aggregate usage Always right-sized with no over-provisioning
No limitation on the number of load balancer instances Simplify delivery in dynamic environments such as cloud and simplify ADC lifecycle management
24x7 Support Access the skills and resources of the Kemp team whenever needed
Cross Platform Use the same MELA license for all load balancing instances regardless of deployment location (e.g. public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud)
Web Application Firewall Provide application level security to all applications regardless of size with daily rule updates for ongoing protection.

Mela Subscriptions

MELA Subscriptions include an entry level month-to-month subscription where usage is charged per Gbit of throughput and there is no long-term commitment. The annual subscriptions provide defined costs within a capacity band with any overage being charged at the monthly MELA-1Gb rate.

Subscription Minimum Term Capacity Max. Instances SSL TPS LoadMaster Features Support
MELA-1Gb 1 Month Pay per Gbit Unlimited Unlimited ESP GEO 24x7
MELA-10 1 Year Up to 10Gbit Unlimited Unlimited ESP GEO 24x7
MELA-25 1 Year Up to 25Gbit Unlimited Unlimited ESP GEO 24x7
MELA-50 1 Year Up to 50Gbit Unlimited Unlimited ESP GEO 24x7
MELA-100 1 Year Up to 100Gbit Unlimited Unlimited ESP GEO 24x7
MELA-SCH 1 Year Custom Unlimited Unlimited ESP GEO 24x7