ECS Connection Manager

Optimized for Dell EMC ECS deployments

(Also available as a virtual appliance)

ECS Connection Manager raises Application Experience for Dell EMC ECS Applications

Enhance your ECS deployment with Layer 7 ECS data traffic management optimized for S3, NFS, Swift and Atmos application protocols along with multi-site resilience and load balancing.

Zero Trust Access for Object Storage

Augment your object storage security posture with fine grained access policies and control

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Manage Traffic QoS

Guarantee performance for critical apps with QoS (Quality of Service) controls for ECS storage.

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Optimize S3 Storage

Maximize storage efficiency with load balancing of Dell EMC ‘XOR’

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Advanced Networking

Enable Multi-network isolation and full IPv6 and IPv4 co-existence

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Optimizing ECS enterprise object storage

Optimize your ECS services with features that simplify, secure and accelerate storage services in multi-network and multi-site environments.

FeatureDell EMC ECS Optimization
Purpose built ECS scheduling methodsTraffic distribution based on URL Hash to support ECS storage efficiency (XOR)
Network IsolationEnable multi-network access to ECS while maintaining network isolation
QoS ManagementApply QoS controls to ensure optimal performance of critical applications
TLS 1.3 support for ECSApply the most up to date and secure version of TLS to all ECS traffic
Certified IPv6 to IPv4 GatewayEasily support applications leveraging IPv6 access to ECS storage
SSL Acceleration and OffloadReduce security processing overhead on ECS infrastructure and centralize certificate and policy management
Multi VDC failoverEnable seamless failover of services in multi VDC (Virtual Data Center) environments
Traffic SteeringDirect traffic based on request content and URL
ECS health checkingDetect and mitigate outages and service degradation
Hybrid ‘Path Style’ and Virtual Host addressing for ECSProvide broad application support with concurrent use of path and host addressing for ECS
Zero Trust Access Gateway ArchitectureSimplified, granular policy-based access control to storage buckets
Featured Case Study

Global pharmaceutical company maintains non-interrupted access to ECS with Kemp


Dell's ECS customer is a leading pharmaceutical company with a global research organization. They need to store large amounts of data indefinitely and with an automatic user enabled archive which is why they opted for Dell’s ECS solution. Dell requires a load balancing solution to be deployed in conjunction with ECS. Alternative storage and load balancing combinations did not offer the same value, especially for high volume business, as Kemp and Dell EMC ECS. Kemp load balancing offers a more practical option than was available previously and was implemented in the customer's ECS solution. Moreover, Kemp’s solution is validated and optimized by Dell EMC.

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 L7 ThroughputSSL TPS
ECS Connection Manager H1 NG15 Gbps9,000
ECS Connection Manager H2 NG25 Gbps25,000
ECS Connection Manager H3 NG35 Gbps35,000
ECS Connection Manager H4 55 NG55 Gbps40,000
ECS Connection Manager H4 75 NG75 Gbps40,000
ECS Connection Manager H4 100 NG90 Gbps45,000
ECS Connection Manager VM13 Gbps4,000
ECS Connection Manager VM210 Gbps12,000

* All ECS Connection Manager models are also available as Highly Available (HA) bundles that include two appliances and 3 or 5 year support subscriptions.


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Sizing Calculator

Kemp offers a range of ECS Connection Managers available in the form of an appliance and a virtual machine image. This sizing calculator is designed to provide general guidance during the process of sizing the Dell EMC ECS and the Kemp ECS Connection Manager.

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Easy to deploy Load Balancer for Dell EMC ECS


The ECS and Kemp LoadMaster solution offer high availability, scalability, efficiency, performance and site resilience for customers next-gen software defined storage.

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