Zero trust access for object storage

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Secure object storage optimization

Kemp load balancers optimize object storage environments by enforcing QoS policies, enabling distributed single namespace deployment, enhancing S3 traffic flow efficiency and providing frontend proxy optimization. When leveraged as a Zero Trust Access Gateway (ZTAG), Kemp load balancers provide additional security features for object storage deployments.

Object storage helps customers streamline modern application deployment with improved economics, efficiency and more accessible data analytics. When proxying object storage deployments, Kemp load balancers are in the optimal position to apply a zero trust security model for compliant, policy-based access control with the following key capabilities:

  • Default least privileged security model
  • Fine grain access control
  • Security zone-based policy logic
  • Bucket and object level policy application
  • Storage operation awareness

Deployment model

With a Kemp Zero Trust Access Gateway deployment model, object storage ecosystems are protected with per bucket access control for S3 operations. An infrastructure-as-code model for maintaining desired configuration state simplifies application and maintenance of complex object storage access policies.



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