Kemp Technologies will provide Hardware/Platform Maintenance and Operating System Software service and support for 5 years from the End-of-Sale date (see EoS product chart below).

Hardware Support

Spares, refurbished replacement units or replacement parts for hardware will be available for a period of 5 years from the end-of-sale date. Kemp will provide spares and replacement units in accordance with our Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process. In some cases the RMA unit shipped will be a previous equivalent model, and not be the current equivalent model as listed below.

OS Software Support

For the Operating Systems Software, for the five years following the end-of-sale date, Kemp will provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for critical bugs reported. Note: it may be necessary to use software upgrade release to correct a reported problem.

Below is a list of Kemp products that have reached End-of-Sale (EoS):

Hardware Appliances

Model End-of-Sale (EoS) Current Equivalent Model
LM-8010-MT February/2020 LM-X40-MT
LM-8000 February/2020 LM-X40
LM-8020 February/2020 LM-X40
LMB-1G February/2020 LMB-MAX
LMB-2G February/2020 LMB-MAX
LMB-5G February/2020 LMB-MAX
LMB-10G February/2020 LMB-MAX
LM-5305-FIPS October/2018 LM-8020-FIPs
LM-3400 May/2018 LM-X3
LM-3000 April/2018 LM-X3
LM-5600 April/2018 LM-X15
LM-5610-MT April/2018 LM-X25-MT
LM-4010-MT April/2018 LM-X15-MT
LM-4000 April/2018 LM-X15
LM-GEO December/2016 VLM-GEO
LM-2400 April/2016 LM-X3
LM-5000 April/2016 LM-X15
LM-R320 December/2015 LM-X15
LM-2600 July/2015 LM-X3
LM-3600 July/2015 LM-X15
LM-5400 July/2015 LM-X15
LM-5300 April/2014 LM-X15
LM-2200 January/2014 LM-X3
LM-DR May/2012 VLM-GEO
LM-5500 May/2012 LM-X15
LM-Exchange April/2011 LM-X3
LM-2500 April/2011 LM-X3
LM-3500 March/2011 LM-X15
LM-2000 March/2011 LM-X3
LM-1500 April/2009 LM-X3
LM-3620 February/2007 LM-X15

Virtual (VLM) Appliances

Model End-of-Sale (EoS) Current Equivalent Model
VLM-200 February/2020 VLM-500
VLM-5000 February/2020 VLM-MAX
VLM-10G February/2020 VLM-MAX
VLM-2000 October/2018 VLM-3000
VLM-1000 April/2014 VLM-3000
VLM-100 November/2013 VLM-500
VLM-Exchange April/2011 VLM-500
VLM April/2011 VLM-3000