Maintaining Application Performance and Availability for Hybrid Clouds

With over 72% of enterprise respondents to a recent survey* planning to initiate a hybrid cloud deployment by 2015, there is a significant need for dynamic technologies that address the unique challenges of deploying applications in a hybrid cloud environment. Customers must ensure the high availability and security of these applications, leveraging the same technologies they’re using for private cloud and implement a way to intelligently steer client traffic to the correct endpoint across cloud boundaries. Keeping the same level of application availability and delivering application services in a hybrid cloud requires enablement from solutions partners that understand these challenges.

To address this customer need, Kemp Technologies has extended the availability of Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) load balancing services to vCloud Air. VLM for vCloud Air brings the same comprehensive application delivery and global traffic distribution (GSLB) capabilities that thousands of customers benefit from in private cloud infrastructure. VLM enables customers to easily scale applications deployed in vCloud Air and enhance performance with capabilities such as content switching, SSL offload, edge security services, server name indicator and multi-protocol application persistence. Additionally, the VLM’s GSLB capabilities allow for intelligent traffic steering of client application communication to the best location on a request-by-request basis, ensuring the optimal user experience and simplifying steps required for disaster recovery.

Simplify Disaster Recover, Traffic Distribution and Delivery of Hybrid Cloud Application Services

With Kemp’s VLM running natively in vCloud Air, applications requiring traditional ADC technology such as SSL offload, content switching, pre-authentication and single sign-on can be seamlessly extended from private cloud infrastructure. Additionally, L7 application awareness ensures that users are directed to the best application VM for their request and integrates with the VLM’s GSLB capabilities to provide intelligent traffic steering across on premise data centers and vCloud Air.

Solution Benefits:

  • Intelligent hybrid traffic distribution enhances user experience and simplifies disaster recovery (DR) by directing users to the best target
  • Multi-Protocol application persistence enables persistent client communication with applications leveraging multiple protocols per session
  • Layer 7 UDP support provides advanced load balancing capabilities for applications reliant on UDP communication in vCloud Air
  • SSL offloading accelerates application performance by relieving VMs of processor-intensive SSL handshaking, key exchange and encryption
  • Edge security services provide support for single sign-on, dual-factor authentication and security group validation
  • Server name indicator and content switching offers services needed to enable multi-tenant applications hosted in vCloud Air

VMware Validated Solution for Hybrid Cloud

Kemp is an industry leader in software-based L4-7 application delivery technology and has maintained a laser focus on providing availability and performance for workloads in virtualized and hybrid cloud environments. This strategy, along with broad integration with VMware technologies has made VLM the virtual ADC of choice in over 11,000 virtualized private cloud customer deployments to date. Kemp’s VMware-validated solution for vCloud Air extends these capabilities to hybrid cloud to simplify application delivery and traffic distribution in these environments.

How VLM for vCloud Air Works

Client requests are received by Virtual LoadMaster, which determines the best target based on GSLB, content switching, scheduling and health check rules. Using these capabilities, client requests are directed to the best cloud option and then to the best application server instance.

Learn More about Optimizing Hybrid Deployments with a Free Solution Trial

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To get a free trial license simply activate a copy of Virtual LoadMaster on vCloud Air and you will automatically be issued a 30 day evaluation. For customers already leveraging Kemp LoadMasters on premise as well as new customers, please contact your local Kemp partner for BYOL transfer and new deployment options. To get more details on Kemp’s solutions for VMware technologies as well as getting started with your free trial visit