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Licensing Should Fit ADC Usage, Not Vice Versa

ADC Metered Licensing

Organizations speaking to KEMP are looking for the best Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Load Balancers (LB) options on the market as well as the best return on investment. When licensing a core technology such as an Application Delivery Controller, IT decision-makers want to choose an option that best fits their own organization’s usage patterns. That’s why we provide our customers with the most comprehensive range of licensing options on the market and meet every purchasing requirement that organizations may have.

There are 5 ways to license KEMP LoadMaster Application Delivery Controllers.

Metered Enterprise License Agreement (MELA)

The KEMP Metered Enterprise License Agreement (MELA) provides the most flexible way to license LoadMaster. The MELA licensing model allows for the deployment of as many virtual LoadMaster instances as required without having to obtain additional server licenses. MELA allows organizations to pay as they grow, to always have an ADC infrastructure that is fit for purpose, and that is as scalable as required, without upfront costs. Licensing costs are calculated monthly in arrears by summing the peak throughput for each LoadMaster instance to give the monthly total usage for MELA pricing. Sampling is done on each LoadMaster instance every 5 minutes using KEMP 360 Central, and the totals are reported to KEMP at the end of each calendar month.

Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA)

Selected third-party service and hosting providers can offer KEMP LoadMaster as part of packaged and integrated solutions. Licensing under Service Provider Licensing Agreements is between the service partner or hosting provider and KEMP. The partner then includes the selected KEMP products in their solution for clients and includes the costs within the overall solution price that have agreed with the client. This licensing model is not available directly to Enterprises or Government organizations.

Cloud-based Pay As You Go (PAYG)

KEMP Virtual LoadMaster is available on the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud platform (including Azure Government), Amazon Web Services public Cloud platform (including AWS for Government), and via the VMWare Solution Exchange for VMWare vCloud Air. Licensing on these public cloud platforms is based on hourly usage and there is no up-front commitment on consumption. Various performance levels are available and billing is handled directly by the cloud provider in the same way as other cloud services purchased from the public cloud provider stores.

Cloud-based Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Existing KEMP customers who already purchased LoadMaster licenses and are now moving to the cloud or to hybrid cloud infrastructure can transfer existing LoadMaster licenses to cloud-based instances of KEMP Virtual LoadMaster. This protects existing investment and helps facilitate the modernization of infrastructure with adaptable cloud-based infrastructure.

Traditional Licensing

Traditional perpetual licensing options are also available for LoadMaster. A perpetual license permanently enables a LoadMaster instance at a particular throughput and performance level. Licenses of this type can be purchased for physical LoadMaster appliances, Virtual LoadMaster, bare metal installable LoadMaster, and for cloud-based instances. This method of licensing LoadMaster can be used by organizations who want to pay for a LoadMaster license up front with CapEx budgets in a project, or who have defined requirements that can be calculated in advance.

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