Microsoft Azure Load Balancing

The KEMP Advantage for Azure

See how LoadMaster compares to Azure native load balancer capabilities

  Azure LoadMaster
Basic and Standard Tier VM support    
Network Level L4 load balancing    
Multiple application access with single IP Limited  
Pre-configured application templates    
Web User Interface for ease of management    
High availability   (Using Traffic Manager)  

In contrast to the variety of point products and solutions available in Azure, Loadmaster provides a comprehensive, integrated set of features which are all managed through a single interface. In addition RESTful, Java and PowerShell APIs are available making the LM attractive to both developers and administrators alike.

LoadMaster is available in the Azure Marketplace in the following versions: a Free/BYOL offer and hourly-billed versions with throughput ranging from 200Mbps to 10Gbps

The Free version delivers 20Mbps throughput and can be used in both development and production environments, simplifying DevOps-oriented delivery methodologies. It can subsequently be upgraded to greater throughput with the purchase of a perpetual license.

KEMP cloud experts are available to help with integration and migration needs at all stages of a project, from inception to production, and the resources below provide information on configuration and typical use cases.