Kemp and Intel

Kemp and Intel partner to support customers’ cloud deployments using SDN

Kemp is a member of the Intel® Network Builders Ecosystem - a program designed to accelerate deployment of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) solutions. Kemp is a leader in SDN integration in ADC’s allowing customers to experience greater agility in deploying critical network and security functionality.

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SDN Adaptive Intelligent Load Balancing

Since the principles of SDN are typically focused on the lower layers of the network and application load balancers primarily operate at L4–L7, they are in a prime position to bridge the gap that exists between the application and the network. Kemp’s LoadMaster provides SDN Adaptive capabilities that enables circuit information to be “pulled” from an SDN controller across the North Bound Interface (NBI). By aggregating native application intelligence information with the metrics provided by the controller, LoadMaster is able to make better traffic steering decisions to optimize customer application deployments.

Kemp SDN Solution Brief

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