High Availability for Progress Flowmon Network Monitoring

Availability for Enterprise Network Monitoring

Progress Flowmon provides customers with the necessary visible into network performance and security. IT teams can leverage the Flowmon customizable dashboards. reporting and alerting to gain real time insights to address issues and threats in the environment. The Progress Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancer delivers an exceptional, cost effective, and easy to use solution which by employing server health checking and high availability to deliver an always-on application experience for Flowmon.


Health monitoring to determine availability of Active Flowmon Collector.

Automated Failover

Ensure no flow data is lost in the event of scheduled maintenance or a system outage.


LoadMaster appliances that deliver over 75 million connections to support any size Flowmon deployment

High Availability and Resilience for Progress Flowmon

LoadMasterFlowmon Collector ActiveFlowmon Collector PassiveFlow SourcesFlow Data

Ensure flow data coming from the flow source network devices to the Flowmon Collector is uninterrupted.

Progress Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancer delivers increased reliability by removing single points of for the Flowmon solution.

Always-On access to Progress Flowmon with LoadMaster

High availability, scalability, and resilience for Progress Flowmon Network monitoring. With Progress Flowmon’s deep visibility into network operations combined with LoadMaster’s flexible traffic handling enables organizations to deliver an always-on application experience for enterprise network performance monitoring and security.

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